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Sales Trend 9 – Back to the Village


Barrett’s Sales Trend 9 for 2015 is ‘Back to the village’. As globalisation became more and more prominent, Australian consumers in turn, became excited about being able to purchase items from all over the world. Suddenly they were exposed to a wider variety and range of products than ever before, and could boast about owning […]

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Insights into why I started my own business – Part 2


As mentioned in the article from last week I was invited to be part of the judging panel of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Victoria Young Business Hustler competition 2015. The programme is designed to give young business entrepreneurs the chance to further develop their capabilities and their businesses. Here is Part 2 […]

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Sales Trend 4 – Doing Meaningful Business


The Sales Trend # 4 of the 12 Sales Trends for 2015 is ‘Doing Meaningful Business’. Here’s a summary of the trend. Over the years companies have become very focused on only creating value for their shareholders (and by value we mean dividends). This extreme focus has meant that making a profit, too often took […]

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Sales Trend #3 – Are you ready for the Share Economy?


Our Sales Trend #3 from the Barrett 12 Sales Trends for 2015 report is about the Share Economy. Here’s a snapshot of this trend. One of the worst consequences of over-consumerism has been the exponential growth in the amount of goods that end up in landfills. This is the result of a combination of many […]

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What if we sell better instead of only selling more?

What if we aimed to sell better instead of focusing on only selling more? At risk of giving every sales manager and business leader a coronary with this question, especially if we are running behind on our sales targets, I would like us to consider the following proposition. ‘Strive not to be the best company […]

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Sales Trend 6 – Low Carbon Economy Sales Opportunities

Symbol CO2 from clouds on blue sky

The sixth Sales Trend for 2014 is ‘Low Carbon Economy Sales Opportunities’. Despite many governments lagging behind in terms of creating and endorsing low carbon policies and industries, forward thinking organisations are taking the lead on creating low / no carbon businesses and partnering with each other. And it’s not just big business, there is […]

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Corporate social responsibility at the sales coal face – no more only ‘what’s in it for me’


Imagine our organisations making people feel good because they bought from us; imagine people changing their behaviours for the better because  our organisations showed them how; imagine the kinds of conversations and messages that will happen in our businesses when our people see what their contribution is making to the lives of their customers and […]

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Seeing with New Eyes

the word clarity viewd from a glass

Joel Barker, a Futurist, has been a favourite thinker of mine for many years. His way of seeing the world with new eyes, his openness to possibility has inspired me to dream and explore the world. In times of unprecedented change we can be forgiven for feeling scared or worried. We can find ourselves looking […]

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Success is a moving platform

Do you have the wrong sales team delivering your sales strategy? Ask yourself the follow the questions: How has your strategy and /or market place changed recently? How have you seen the role of ‘sales’ change over the last few years in your industry? How do your sales people compare to your competitors? How do […]

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Sustainability – the new criteria

What is your position on SUSTAINABILITY? What community improvement activities is your company involved with? These are questions, among many others, that my team and I are responding to for a Request For Proposal (RFP) document for a sales training project with a large Australian Corporation. This is the first time we have been asked […]

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