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Why engineers, technicians & scientists might make the best salespeople in the 21st Century


It has been a long held belief that extroverts made the best salespeople; the gift of the gab, being charming and persuasive, telling a good story, people oriented and friendly, and all that. However, given the complexity of our world and the ever increasing need to make well informed decisions and manage risk before we […]

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What is Sales Enablement?

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The term ‘Sales Enablement’ has emerged in recent times as a hot topic in the world of sales, however it can have as many interpretations as there are sales teams which leave people feeling somewhat confused about what it really means and entails. Here are some people interpretations from online sales forums: Sales enablement” means […]

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Why Sales doesn’t have its rightful place at the boardroom table?

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The 8th August 2012 was a milestone for Professional Salespeople around Australia: until that day there had been no officially recognised benchmark for professional selling at tertiary level. Whereas Finance, Marketing, Production, Engineering, IT, Business Administration, Research & Design, Human Resources, Logistics, Procurement and even Entrepreneurship all have recognized tertiary qualifications, Professional Business Selling is […]

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B2B Field sales force to halve


What will sales teams look like over the next 5-10 years? How will we sell to and service our clients? Will our businesses actually require field sales representatives as all? With ‘Field Sales Force Numbers To Halve’ voted the sixth most important sales trend for 2012 from The 12 Sales Trends of 2012 by our […]

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The Latest (disturbing) Findings From The World of Sales

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For the third year running I recently had the privilege and pleasure of attending, presenting and acting as MC at the CSE11, Asia Pacific’s Premier Sales Leadership Conference – “The New Era of Professional Selling; The Pathway from Supplier to Partner Status”. Over 150 delegates from Australia’s premium companies attended and we heard from some […]

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Are you a Sales Pioneer?

‘Sales Pioneer’ was voted as the Number 7 Sales Trends for 2011. As the business world and selling become increasingly complicated, the Sales Pioneer is emerging to help us all map a pathway to the future. Unafraid to ask the hard questions, uncover new opportunities and challenge the precepts and ideas of their clients and […]

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What do your sales people really need to know and apply?

In today’s market selling skills training does not equal product training or pressure tactics. If product training or pressure selling (the hard sell) are on the top of your sales training agenda or the only training you offer your sales people then you may want to rethink your sales training strategy. What is expected of […]

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Success is a moving platform

Do you have the wrong sales team delivering your sales strategy? Ask yourself the follow the questions: How has your strategy and /or market place changed recently? How have you seen the role of ‘sales’ change over the last few years in your industry? How do your sales people compare to your competitors? How do […]

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Exceptional Prospectors

“My most important appointment is prospecting and I do it first up every day.” “I qualify all leads I generate and have an approach to handle those that aren’t ready yet.” “People appreciate a professional sales approach and are able to make an informed decision to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because I clearly explain, up […]

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An ideal sales week

Are you finding that you are over servicing your existing clients and not bringing in new business? Are you running out of time each week to do the important sales jobs such as prospecting? Are you at risk of not meeting your sales budget? In my many interactions with sales people I have found that […]

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