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Clarity & Purpose – a recap of 2015


This is our last sales blog for 2015,  our first blog for 2016 will be out the week of January 11th. For our clients and the team at Barrett, 2015 has been the year of clarity and purpose with many of our clients being able to put in place sound sales strategies, sales operations frameworks […]

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Does anyone really know what I’m supposed to be doing?


Do you often find yourself torn between meeting the needs of your manager, the desires of your customers and the requirements of your role? If you answered ‘yes’, you’re not alone. All too often we see salespeople who feel they are ‘the meat in the sandwich’. They consistently go above and beyond to meet all […]

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How do your clients really perceive you?

Perception text concept write on notebook with pen

Perception is reality. So what do your clients really think of you? Would you be happy with how they perceive you? Are they thinking any of the following when they think about you and your company?: ‘I’m so glad I’ve met you; my life/business is better off for knowing you.’or  ‘Oh that guy (gal), yeh […]

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Stop Throwing our Salespeople and Sales Managers into the Deep End

Sales People Thrown into the Deep End

Isn’t it about time we stop throwing our sales people and sales managers in the deep end and expecting them to swim – or sell and lead with no support or training in this case? Isn’t it about time that we had frank conversations with our potential recruits about what sales and sales manager roles […]

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The Entrepreneurial Sales Person

As part of my ongoing professional and personal development I belong to a CEO leadership group where we meet monthly and discuss a whole range of topics to stimulate our thinking and decision making. Recently we discussed the concept and qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs. Besides making the obvious comparisons with ourselves as to whether we […]

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Create your ‘Ideal’ sales force blueprint

Now is the time to rethink your sales strategy and your sales force. Design the sales force your business needs and get great results. Tip: It’s all in the thinking and planning that happens before the execution. To help you start your thinking and planning here are two case studies from our work files where […]

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An ideal sales week

Are you finding that you are over servicing your existing clients and not bringing in new business? Are you running out of time each week to do the important sales jobs such as prospecting? Are you at risk of not meeting your sales budget? In my many interactions with sales people I have found that […]

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Thinking of promoting your best sales performer to sales manager? Think again!

Many businesses have made the mistake of promoting their best performing sales person into the role of sales manager. Their logic – well they are great at selling, they’ll be great at sales management. Sadly most of these situations end in disaster. To start off the top performing sales person has usually been given no […]

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Peak Performance in Prospecting

Building on from last week’s topic ‘The Optimistic Sales Professional’ I thought I would extend the theme further and explore the topic of ‘Peak Performance in Prospecting’. A peak performing prospector is a salesperson who displays passion, self motivation and results focus. They are disciplined in their approach, evaluate and purse viable opportunities while remaining […]

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