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Survival of the Adaptive P3: Use Effective Sales Metrics


This series of ‘Survival of the Adaptive’ articles will look at the key things we need to do as sales teams to contend with the many changes afoot in our 21st century world and market place. Part 3 is all about using effective metrics to track sales In an ideal world, the financial returns and […]

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Sales Trend 7 – Beyond Sales KPIs


The 2015 Sales Trend 7 – Beyond Sales KPIs see our focus shifting to how we can get closer to the moments of truth and measure sales effectiveness in a complex world. In a nutshell, this trend is showing leadership moving from a deficiency orientation (i.e. performance management when things go wrong) to a competency […]

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How to build a High Performance Sales Unit

Sales management concept. Salesforce monitoring system with green light in front of very high.

How does one go about building a high performance sales unit? What does a high performance sales person actually look like? What needs to be in place for high performance sales to flourish? These and other questions are on the minds of many sales leaders, and if they are not they should be. They are […]

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Hidden sales coaching moments


The value of sales coaching cannot be ignored. Various studies across the last 30+ years have demonstrated that regular coaching improves recall and retention of learning from sales classroom training at between 80-95%, as compared to 13% with no follow up coaching.  Coaching helps improve sales performance by around 20% when compared to a non […]

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Why managing sales inputs leads to sales disaster

‘Selling is a numbers game’ has been said more times than any of us care to remember.  And yes, numbers are critical to sales, however some organisations place far too much emphasis on the managing the numbers, especially their obsession with their salespeople’s input activities – i.e. number for prospecting (cold) calls, client meetings, numbers […]

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Signs you are at risk of losing your top sales performers

Dead end .. for everyone?

There they are every day bringing in the deals. They’re always prospecting, meeting clients, networking, making suggestions about how to do things even better and they never discount unnecessarily. Best of all your clients are happy. They’re happy with your offering, happy with your service, happy with the sales support they get and your business […]

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Why we should coach, manage & measure Sales Inputs rather than Sales Results

Do you leave your sales results to chance? Well you might be if you are like most businesses that are too fixated on Sales Results – the Outcomes. Managing by numbers, sales managers can get blinded by measuring the number of sales made and revenue and profit margins achieved rather than focusing on the vital […]

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Can a sales manager be an effective sales coach?

Coaching usually focuses on two areas of development to achieve excellence: skills and performance. Excellence in performance is knowing the right processes to apply in the right situation, coupled with the personal insight to know how to apply them wisely. An effective sales coach is there to help people achieve excellence and realize many more […]

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Why hiring or keeping the 600lb sales gorilla is a mistake

For many years the legend of the 600lb sales gorilla or Alpha sales superstar has been strutting the hallways and boardrooms of businesses. Often revered for achieving top of the league ladder sales results, yet feared by many for their aggressive, manipulative, ego centric, demanding, intimidating antics, countless CEO’s and sales managers have allowed these […]

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Why we should put the Trainer back into Sales Management

Up until 20 years ago, a key function of a sales manager’s role was the regular training of their sales people. What did this look like? Well, something like this: weekly 1 hour power training sessions for the sales team focusing on honing key skills, bi-monthly half day or 1 day sessions drilling down on […]

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