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Sales Trend 8 – Unearthing the Real Neuroscience in Sales – We cannot read minds yet


Sales Trend 8 of Barrett’s 12 Sales Trends for 2015 is about “neuroselling”. Recently, there has been a shift from economic models to emotion-based or psychological models of selling. The shift to emotional, psychological, and scientific models has been occurring across other areas of business for many years, so it comes as no surprise that […]

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Put the polish on your new sales year


I have previously written about ‘putting yourself in another’s shoes’, however, I have never written about actual shoes before. In this post I wanted to raise awareness about our attire, our physical presentation – as sales and business professionals. There are 2 key areas we need to consider: The overall congruence of what we are […]

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It’s HOW you think, not WHAT you think


What type of salespeople do you want on your team? What type of salesperson do you want to be? Do you want salespeople who do as they are told or salespeople who think for themselves about possibility, finding new opportunities, looking at different ways to address problems that are still effective, if not more profitable […]

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Writing, brain research and being a better salesperson

A girl writes on her diary, writing on memo, book

How does the act of writing affect your brain?* This is an interesting question that Rebecca Accadia, Barrett’s resident Organisational Psychologist, posed to us when she presented some research and facts she found on brain science thanks to Benjamin Starr. As highlighted in a previous post, Take Note, we emphasized the importance of taking notes […]

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Why addressing Risk is 3 times more important than the benefits

Plenty of time and effort is put into talking up the benefits of our products and services in a selling situation. Sales people often focus on why the benefits are important to our clients and how our client will be better off if they buy from us, etc.  This has been the mainstay of sales […]

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The Sales Brain – using neuroscience to sell

Human head and brain. Different kind of waveforms produced by brain activity shown on background. Digital illustration.

The science is clear, our success resides in how we use our brains – our brains can continue to learn, grow and adapt until the day we die. In 2012 and beyond we are seeing neuroscience and neuropsychology become the topics du jour for sales teams.  Learning how to train and in many instances, retrain […]

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How Meditation Can Make You a Better Salesperson

pebbles in the ocean

In this increasingly complex world emotions such as empathy, compassion and benevolence are emerging as critical qualities of highly successful people, teams, companies and communities. Even in the highly competitive world of business and selling, those sales people and leaders who are able to incorporate these qualities into their daily work and personal lives are […]

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Why leading an examined life is good for sales

Distressed not good for Sales People

‘Leading an examined life’ was voted as the Number 10 of Sales Trends for 2011. For many years you could lead an intuitive sales life because your product was your edge, but not anymore. With products replicated in minutes, the spotlight is well and truly on the specific ingredients of being an effective sales person […]

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Avoid the Brain Drain – Why Brain Fitness Equals Better Sales

What does neuroscience and increased sales have to do with each other? It seems more than we would think. The latest research into neuroscience reveals that how we use our brain does make a huge difference to our long term sustainability, our overall wellbeing and our success in sales and other professions. The world of […]

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The Entrepreneurial Sales Person

As part of my ongoing professional and personal development I belong to a CEO leadership group where we meet monthly and discuss a whole range of topics to stimulate our thinking and decision making. Recently we discussed the concept and qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs. Besides making the obvious comparisons with ourselves as to whether we […]

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