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Make 2012 The Best Year Yet – Put Yourself First!

Puffin Billy Train Ride

As we all come sailing in from the rather stormy seas of 2011 for a brief rest in a safe harbour we can chose to look back and reflect on what has happened in 2011; the challenges, mistakes, triumphs and lessons learned. Although reflection is very important we must not forget to take time to […]

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Why LinkedIn Invitations Need To Be Purposeful

social networking gatherings linkedin

LinkedIn is about creating and nurturing relationships. It’s a marvelous tool for researching and connecting with people and helps you forge genuine relationships based on substance and value. I’ve been on LinkedIn for many years now and have been steadily growing my network. I only connect with people I know personally or have connected with […]

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Getting Personal Or Time To Get Personal

‘Getting Personal’ was voted as the Number 12 Sales Trends for 2011. Despite the advances in technology and the rise of the Internet, customers still want personal and single contact satisfaction. Contrary to some pundits who believe the role of salespeople is becoming obsolete with the proliferation of Internet and mobile technology, effective sales professionals […]

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What Athletes, Top CEO’s and Pop Stars Have in Common


Elite athletes, pop stars, top selling writers, politicians, Fortune 100 CEO’s all have one thing in commonthey hire coaches to help them achieve their goals faster and become or maintain their ‘number one’ status. Elite performers see the value their coach brings to their craft. They know their coach will help them gain and create […]

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