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What’s the right Sales Conversion Ratio for my sales team?


At Barrett, we get asked a lot about what is the right sales conversion ratio for sales teams. And our answer is to offer more questions such as:  Are the market(s) you are targeting in growth, mature, decline, or saturation mode? What value propositions are you taking to market to your prospective clients in terms […]

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Why everybody benefits from knowing how to prospect

Attract New Customers Business

Every business needs to prospect for new clients and customers, even non salespeople often need to reignite past business relationships and form new ones, internally or externally. You don’t need to be the primary salesperson or business development manager to be required to prospect well. Any call you make to another person whose attention you […]

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First Aid Kit for a Sales Recovery

road to recovery after a sales slump

Many of us have been there and some of us are yet to experience the gut wrenching experience when we finally, consciously realise that our sales pipeline and revenue numbers are in drastic decline and we are in deep, deep trouble. We realise all too dramatically that we are having the business and sales equivalent […]

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Some Social Selling Myths & Challenges


Since LinkedIn started its publishing arm there has been a growing tsunami of articles filling our news feeds and inboxes. Amongst this flood of information are some great articles and, of course, there are those articles that are a waste of time. That’s to be expected. Within this tsunami there has been a range of […]

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Don’t be fooled! Why telephone prospecting is still critical to sales success

Getting ready to pick up the phone.

In tough markets when sales are harder to come by whether it be from increased competition or clients being more hesitant to commit and buy, don’t become your own worst enemy and rely on the marketing efforts of your company or emails or falling into the trap of believing the hype about Social Selling saving […]

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How to use Email and LinkedIn to prospect


In our digital world it is becoming much easier and quicker to find and contact people we want to get in front of. Just think LinkedIn and how easy it is to research prospects by title, industry and company, or using Google to research industries by location, speciality, etc. There should be no excuse about […]

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Work your sales activity year to achieve your financial year target

A year from now you may wish you had started today

Everyone has a sales cycle – this is defined as the average time it takes you to identify and ignite a viable sales opportunity through to closing the sale. Taking immediate transactional sales out of the equation –like buying something on the spot– a sales cycle can vary from industry to industry and can be […]

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Prioritising Your Prospective Buyers

3d illustration of group of people on target. Green arrows taking new buyers and customer to target.

Every salesperson has a territory.  Whether that “territory” is defined by geography or demography, horizontally or vertically in terms of market segmentation, or by product, sales people need to be able to prioritise their prospects and their prospecting activities and efforts. We only have a finite time everyday to find and make sales.  If we […]

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Some industries just don’t get prospecting

Getting ready to pick up the phone.

I have been prospecting for new business on a regular and consistent basis since 1985.  For my team and prospecting is a way of life. We could never have developed our respective businesses and reputations without the vital business skill of prospecting.  We both confess that in the early days we did not enjoy many […]

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Are you capitalising on your Prime Selling Time?

Time concept on cement wall

If you watch successful sales people go about their daily business activities you will notice that they lead a very disciplined life – they know what they need to do each day and when they need to do these key activities. They make sure they make time for the important stuff and they hardly ever […]

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