12 Sales Trends for 2022 – Decarbonising Sales Operations

Barrett Sales Trends 2022 Decarbonising Sales Operations

12 Sales Trends for 2022 – Decarbonising Sales Operations

The first issue of the Barrett 12 Sales Trends Report was published in December 2009. It was titled ‘12 Sales Trends for 2010: No more “Business as usual”’. Sales trend 10 in that report was about sustainable selling – about forging cultures that are based on legitimate business relationships which serve the environment, people, businesses, and communities.

We have talked publicly about the topic of sustainability ever since. In 2020 our sales trends report was titled ‘The time is NOW’ which was a clarion call to highlight that the world’s house is on fire and we are running out of time to take purposeful and decisive action in how we do business and sales that create a sustainable and environmentally healthy future for all. Ironically, our 2020 sales trends report was published a few short weeks before the catastrophic 2019-20 bushfires that devastated Australia.

And here we are looking at the 2022 trends off the back of a global pandemic with the wheels of change getting into high rotation as our sense of urgency for real action is at an all-time high. With the findings and commitments at COP 26, and with more and more investment funds, businesses, communities, and some enlightened governments calling for urgent and immediate action e.g. at least 50% reduction in CO₂ emissions by 2030, I am reminded of a saying attributed to Vladimir Lenin ‘There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.’

Weeks where decades happen

We are now in the metaphorical week where decades happen. All the scientific and economic reports state that we have 10-15 years to solve this global issue if we are to keep our temperatures below 1.5% of warming and avoid the consequences of an uninhabitable planet. Getting to net zero by 2050 will be too late.

This is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced which can seem overwhelming at the best of times. But here’s the opportunity, we have everything we need to solve this crisis now and move into a new phase of human evolution where clean energy and sustainable ways of living and working will be our future.

In this report we don’t pretend to have all the answers, there is much to be discussed and defined. There are industries that will of course find it easier than others, but every positive action and improvement is progress.

What is clear is there’s no other option but to find the best pathways forward and take action now before it’s too late. We, as sales and business professionals can make a difference, a big difference.

Why? Because we are the ambassadors of our organisations, the client facing leaders and influencers who are on the ground engaging and listening to what’s happening and what our clients want, we’re the harbingers of opportunity, the bringers of new ideas, innovations and solutions that can bring about accelerated positive change and adaption, fast.

It’s only a lack of imagination, determination, and courage that will hold us back.

The 2022 Sales Trends Report is filled with ideas and practical ways to achieve this.

Sales trend 1 – The Moral Case for Decarbonising Sales Operations

The moral case for decarbonising sales operations is about doing the right thing for all the right reasons, for our sake and the greater good.

We have a duty of care to all concerned to think deeply about the consequences of our decisions on others and the planet.

Sales trend 2 – The Economic and Business Case for Decarbonising Sales Operations

Beyond the moral case, there are strong economic and business cases to decarbonise our economies and our businesses. There is an abundance of business opportunities waiting to be delivered, and a huge cost if we don’t act now.

Sales trend 3 – Climate Risk and Governance

This trend looks at the risks that businesses need to consider regarding climate, and actions towards minimising their impact, energy transition, and what governments and consumers are expecting from them.

Sales trend 4 – The Race to Zero

Brands leading the way on their journey to minimise their emissions and finding new opportunities along the way.

Sales trend 5 – Decarbonising procurement

Nobody is more familiar with a company’s supply chain than procurement. This trend proposes some ideas on how procurement can influence decarbonisation.

Sales trend 6 – Decarbonising Sales Systems and Strategy

This trend explores how a Sales System is the place to start to decarbonise our sales operations and how to prepare and adapt our sales strategy.

Sales trend 7 – Decarbonised Economic Models and Systems

What type of models and systems would promote the implementation and support the development of decarbonised sales operations? This trend proposes a few ideas to consider.

Sales trend 8 – The Decarbonised Sales Team and Workforce Structure

This trend answers critical questions regarding the sales teams and structure that we need if we want to decarbonise our sales operation.

Sales trend 9 – Decarbonising Sales Training

Decarbonised sales training is not only possible, but also a model already at work. In this trend we look at the methods and outcomes of traditional training and compare them with those of a low emissions sales training model.

Sales trend 10 – Decarbonising in Tendering

Organisations procuring goods and services through tendering specify what they want, and suppliers can offer outcomes superior to those envisaged by the buyer. So when it comes to decarbonising tendering, both buyer and seller can lead the way.

Sales trend 11 – Decarbonising Sales Leadership

Sales leadership is a key supporting role. When in comes to decarbonising sales operations, sales leadership has a critical part to play, supporting business and sales objectives, people in the midst of change, and finding new paths and opportunities.

Sales trend 12 – The Decarbonised Salesperson

In this trend we explore what decarbonised salespeople look like and how employers can attract and retain them.

You can download the complete report here.


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