Helping people and businesses sell better

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Everybody lives by selling something

Established in 1995, Barrett is a full service advisory, consulting and education firm.

At Barrett we help people and businesses sell better.

By working with Barrett you will be able to...
- Sell better, at healthier margins with less risk of failure
- Make more informed decisions about how to lead and manage your sales team and operations

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What does Selling Better look like for you and your business?

  • More knowledgeable, skilful and informed Sales Leaders who work in partnership with the C-Suite and lead their sales teams with clarity and purpose.
  • Sales strategies that clearly guide the sales operations and sales teams to deliver the better results for their businesses.
  • More mindful, self-aware salespeople engaging in more fruitful client interactions with better business outcomes for both buyer and seller.
  • More engaged and competent salespeople leading to better retention rates and lower staff turnover.
  • Sustainable change in 'How we sell around here' leading to continuous improvement and better sales results.

Let us help you take the complexity out of Selling Better.
Our services are available in person and online so you can speak to us about:

  • Developing effective Sales Strategies and Go-to-market Action Plans
  • Market Segmentation Analysis and Plan
  • Sales Operations Audit and Action Plan
  • Sales Benchmarking and Sales Assessment for recruitment and development purposes
  • Customised Sales Training for the Classroom and Field (field sales, telephone sales, customer service, sales planning, prospecting, solutions selling, value based selling, strategic account and key account management, etc.)
  • Online Sales Training (sales skills, sales planning, prospecting, solutions selling, value based selling, etc.)
  • Sales Management Training (sales coaching, account mapping, sales financials, sales recruitment, performance management, sales strategy, sales leadership, etc.)
  • Sales Coaching (group and one-on-one)
  • Sales Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Innovative Key note presentations for conferences and events

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Some of our best achievements
In operation since January 1995, we have received commendations and achieved milestones in several areas including:

  • First in Australia to get Selling a university qualification (Swinburne University of Technology)
  • Publishing more than 600 blog posts and 21 e-books on sales and producing the 'must read' Annual 12 Sales Trends Report
  • Regarded by many mainstream business publishers/editors as one of the most authoritative thought leaders reporting on the selling profession in Australia today
  • Produced the first Sales Competency Dictionary in the world and featuring the wide variety of sales and sales management roles
  • Developed the online sales education and resource platform
  • Winner of 1997 Telstra & Victorian Government Small Business Award

Helping people and businesses sell better.

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