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4 rules to best validate yourself with buyers


Ever been asked straight up at the beginning of a prospective client meeting, “So what do you do?” despite your sincere intention to ask questions of your prospective buyer rather than talk about yourself? I bet you have and I bet you found yourself on more than one occasion feeling somewhat uncomfortable because: a) You […]

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Make Sales Coaching THE priority & coach your way to success

Coaching Culture

What sales leader wouldn’t like to see shortened sales cycles leading to more comprehensive deals with better margins? These are just some of the benefits of effective sales coaching. ‘Make coaching THE priority and coach your way to sales success’ was voted the second most important sales trend for 2012 from The 12 Sales Trends […]

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Move Over Marketing Here Comes Sales Strategy!

Sales Strategy

The pundits (including Barrett) are always reminding sales executives of the need to plan. However, a major miscalculation made by many organisations is viewing their sales operations as purely tactical functions. The result – at best, sales plans become little more than operational imperatives bumping along one quarter to the next with no strategic intent. […]

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Turning Underperformers Into Sales Winners

the word clarity viewd from a glass

Underperforming sales people plague sales managers and organisations in every industry sector. Over the decades business leaders have adopted an assortment of tactics to combat and address this issue, with most showing little in return. Some large businesses have a policy to let go of the bottom 10-20% of sales performers each year and replenish […]

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