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Sales Trend 6 – Recruiting for Change and Evolution


The 2015 Sales Trend 6 – Recruiting for Change and Evolution is focused well and truly on adapting how we recruit. In short, we need to look for people who want to make a difference and can improve business. People have been trying to identify how to hire the ‘right’ people, especially the right salespeople, […]

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Industry Experience and Product Knowledge aren’t enough


As much as people want Sales to be considered a science the reality is that Sales has always combined a collection of facts with human judgments (or estimates). What this means is that there is no analytic approach that can single-handedly guarantee sales success. Result – Sales is likely to always be a mixture of […]

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Different sales assessments and how to use them

If you wanted to, you could sit down for at least four weeks and complete 100’s of sales assessments and there would still be more on offer. This over abundance of sales assessments can be confusing because they are not all the same. If you do not know what you want to measure it will […]

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What is the ideal sales assessment tool to use when recruiting sales people? Part 1

For many years people have been searching for the perfect sales assessment tool. Why? Because identifying and retaining high performing sales talent continues to elude many organisations. It has become even more important with products losing their competitive edge and sales success becoming hinged squarely around the capabilities and performance inputs and outputs of sales […]

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Are your sales people at risk of leaving?

How many of your sales people are thinking about a career move right now? How many of them have come back from their holiday break wondering if they are in the right role or company? Sales people are one of the highest “at risk” groups in terms of turnover (average of 26% compared to the […]

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Why hiring or keeping the 600lb sales gorilla is a mistake

For many years the legend of the 600lb sales gorilla or Alpha sales superstar has been strutting the hallways and boardrooms of businesses. Often revered for achieving top of the league ladder sales results, yet feared by many for their aggressive, manipulative, ego centric, demanding, intimidating antics, countless CEO’s and sales managers have allowed these […]

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When should we appoint a Sales Manager?

For many start ups and small businesses having a full time sales manager in place is not a viable option. Firstly, there is usually no one to lead and manage in the sales function however, the function of sales management should be on your ‘To Do List’ as a business owner/manager even if you are […]

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‘Great’ at sales but they don’t ‘fit’ the culture

Sound familiar? A ‘good’, maybe even ‘great’, salesperson is recruited and hits the ground running, kicking sales goals in the new role, however within a short space of time they have alienated their team, decided that the role is not for them, and left the organisation. As we know the cost of this selection is […]

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Testing times when recruiting ‘good’ salespeople

When I consider how I spend my time professionally, I find it is often devoted to demystifying two things: 1. What is ‘good’ selling? 2. The proper use of psychometric assessments, especially in sales recruitment Having written on the former on many occasions, I would like to dedicate this space to the latter – the […]

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Why you can’t have a one-type-of-sales-person-does-it-all approach

I find it somewhat frustrating when people make simplistic claims and statements about salespeople like: ‘super sales performers are all risk takers and oblivious to rejection and failure’. Statements like this are simply not true and trivialise the complex world of selling by trying to box people without proper analysis and insight. There is a […]

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