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What to do about badly informed buyers

What to do about badly informed buyers

‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ is an 18th century saying that means a small amount of knowledge can mislead people into thinking that they are more expert than they really are. How true in today’s society. For example, the medical profession has warned people about their penchant for searching the Internet for symptoms […]

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How to avoid the ‘Race to the Bottom’ & mutual destruction


The recent news about Coles and Woolworths being taken to task by the ACCC for their questionable dealings with suppliers has highlighted a major problem plaguing customer-supplier relationships. Barrett’s first Sales Trend for 2015 is ‘Race to the Bottom’ because of the drastic impact this unsustainable pricing strategy is having on sales and buyer relationships. […]

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Sales Trend 9 – Procurement need to be solutions salespeople too

Procurement Process

The ninth Sales Trend for 2014 is ‘Procurement need to be solutions salespeople too’. The times are indeed changing with the function of Procurement becoming increasingly important as a conduit, an orchestrator if you will, of the co-creation of value with suppliers and internal stakeholders as well as right down the value chain to the […]

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The Latest (disturbing) Findings From The World of Sales

Business Deal

For the third year running I recently had the privilege and pleasure of attending, presenting and acting as MC at the CSE11, Asia Pacific’s Premier Sales Leadership Conference – “The New Era of Professional Selling; The Pathway from Supplier to Partner Status”. Over 150 delegates from Australia’s premium companies attended and we heard from some […]

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Procurement & Value Managed

penny wise pound foolish

‘Procurement & Value Managed’ was voted as the Number 8 for Sales Trends for 2011. In 2011 we are seeing the development, thinking and sophistication of the Procurement Profession accelerate. This progression will surely see procurement on the front foot of supply chain management. Around 60 percent of major global corporations now have Procurement and […]

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The New Age Customer

Excited Shopping Woman

In a world still recovering from the GFC and grappling with the buzz of social media, we are now in the midst of a war between retail and online shopping facing daily decisions about purchasing locally or overseas, and B2B sales teams challenged with moving from selling product transactions to being business people who can […]

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How your procurement practices affect your sales and brand

Ethical selling and procurement (purchasing) is now in the spotlight. Harvey Norman’s recent publicity surrounding their supposed sourcing and use of Australian native old growth forest timbers in their Chinese made furniture has drawn light on retail procurement practices. Harvey Norman have been asked by activist groups NGO Markets for Change and to explain […]

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CRM as a business strategy

‘CRM as a business strategy’ was voted as the Number 6 Sales Trends for 2011. Looking at your Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM’s) as a piece of software? Think again. While CRM’s are getting better, easier and cheaper to use, this year more companies are positioning their CRM’s as a marketing channel to map the […]

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Why selling is now a team sport

Subjected to marketing and sales monologues for the better part of 40 years in the form of blanket advertising, product brochures and ‘your call is important to us’ busy signals, customers have taken the lead and are way ahead of us when it comes to having sales and marketing dialogues. Far more informed and sophisticated, […]

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Knowing your business

‘Knowing your business’ was voted as the Number 3 Sales Trends for 2011. With business becoming more complex it should come as no surprise that clients want to work with business people who can sell, think about possibilities and create a work partnership with their businesses. However, our studies with hundreds of sales professionals and […]

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