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Overview Sales Talent

  • Select the right sales people
  • To do the right things
  • The right way
Hiring and keeping sales people who can sell is one of the toughest jobs for sales managers. Barrett can help you to derisk sales recruitment and make more informed decisions about who to hire and how to keep them. Using Barrett propitiatory sales selection methodologies along with high grade Psychometric Assessments you can...
  • Use sales assessments for sales selection and development purposes
  • Access SPQ*Gold and Barrett's Sales Skills Gap Analysis data to make more informed decisions
  • Use robust Sales Recruitment Kits and purpose built Behavioural Interview Questions for a range of sales and sales management roles
  • Access the Barrett Team for assistance in test interpretation, sales interviews, recruitment strategies, etc.
Using Barrett propitiatory tools and methodologies, such as Barrett's unique Sales Competency Dictionary, Sales Job Design and Sales Intelligence Processes, you can map and profile what GOOD sales performance needs to look like in your business. These details can help you recruit, train, coach, manage, lead and develop your sales people like never before. You can...
  • Defines current 'Top Sales Performance' criteria
  • Establish Expected Sales Outcomes (KRAs)
  • Determine the Level of Sales Performance and Competence
  • Map the Sales DNA (Sales Competencies) of the required Knowledge, Skills and Mindset behaviours for a range of sales and sales management roles
  • Identify the goals and priorities, and improve role clarity for particularly complex sales roles
  • Measure Sales Performers against the Sales Benchmarks and assess their capabilities and mindset using the Sales Skill Gap Analysis & SPQ*Gold
  • Map Tacit Sales Knowledge and Processes
Take the guess work out of developing and coaching your sales teams. Barrett's coaching tools can assist with developing and retaining top performing sales people, and help to develop and improve the performance of the overall sales force more generally. Using Barrett's Sales Coaching tools and guides, you can...
  • Gain access to the Barrett coaching staff
  • Access Sales Coaching tools and Field Guides to help identify and address areas of concern in sales staff
  • Coach and retain your your top sales performers
  • Use Sales Behaviour and Competency Checklists to identify instances of Skilled, Unskilled and Overworked behaviours in sales staff and sales managers
  • Access a range of coaching questions, strategies and help guides to help address unhelpful behaviours
  • Access assessments to help identify areas for development and growth in the existing sales force

  • Are you relying on 'gut feel' or guess work?
  • Do you know enough about new recruits before hiring them?
  • Were you sold in the interview but they failed to deliver results?
  • Do you need to refresh the gene pool?

Hiring sales people who can sell is one the hardest jobs and many people follow no process when recruiting, making it even more risky. A structured recruitment process allows you to identify what talent you need and then to compare and contrast people in a disciplined and consistent way. Given the cost of bad recruitment is huge, being in control of the sales recruitment process is vital.

The step-by-step Barrett Recruitment Kit is a thorough and practical guide allowing you to recruitment the right sales people. Our Recruitment Kit takes the guess work out of recruiting sales staff by providing you with a framework that ensures you have the best chance of finding and placing the right person.

step by step recruitment kit diagram

Why the Barrett Recruitment Kit?

  • Off-the-shelf for standard roles or customised to your business using Job design
  • Competency based using the Australian research developed Barrett Sales Competency Dictionary
  • Provides a clear, logical process that can be integrated across your organisation
  • Collectively, we have interviewed over 10,000 sales people
  • We can provide Assessment advice and support
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