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The Barrett Sales Blog is about keeping you up to date on a weekly basis about the ever changing world of sales whether it is Business to Business (B2B) Selling, Retail Sales, and Social Media. We are not all about RAH RAH like some sales commentators, instead we take a considered philosophical and scientific approach to selling. And we do NOT tell you what to think instead, our aim is to show you how to think about the world of selling so that you can make up your own mind about your career, your team, your business and life when it come to selling.

Providing you with access to the latest research, ideas, opinions, tools and resources on 21st Century sales philosophy, culture, sales leadership and coaching, sales training, assessments, tools and resources the Barrett Sales Blog is a weekly publication which is distributed world wide to a ever growing readership. It is our hope that in some small way we can contribute to your knowledge, skills, capabilities, well being, education, insight and wisdom helping you on your journey.

About Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett is one of the leading voices commenting on sales today. Sue has a unique way of getting to the heart of the matter – she combines extensive knowledge, research, insight, and practical experience with a deep sense of compassion for all beings to bring forth a more enlightened way of thinking and participating in the world. This makes her stand out from the usual crowd of existing business commentators.

Her ability to distill complex ideas and relate them to life’s everyday challenges and opportunities has readers leaving with a stronger understanding of “self” and how they can begin to achieve excellence through purposeful action.

Writing on a wide range of topics about the world of 21st Century selling Sue’s articles including sales philosophy and culture, sales leadership and coaching, sales training, selling skills, resilience, neuroscience in selling and more. Sue’s articles are some of the most widely read in Australia and she is gaining a following overseas as well.

Besides publishing on our own Barrett Sales Blog site, Sue has been the lead sales writer for www.smartcompany.com.au since 2007, and is also regularly published on other highly regarded publications such as BRW and The Public Accountant.

What others say about Sue’s writing:

Amanda Gome, Publisher of BRW, SmartInvestor, Asset at Fairfax Media and former CEO of Private Media (www.smartcompany.com.au, www.crikey.com.au, www.startupsmart.com.au and other web publications):

“I first approached Sue Barrett to write for SmartCompany when it launched in February 2007. I approached her for several reasons. Firstly she had a unique approach to selling. She looked beyond the quick sell to explain to people how to build sustainable and profitable relationships. Secondly she was a great presenter. Many sales people on the circuit turn people off with a very pushy, gimmicky approach and Sue presents as highly intelligent, caring, ethical and extremely positive. Thirdly I knew she got results because I knew clients who had used her including my own sister!

I would always say when starting a writer that we don’t know how many columns they have in them: whether one, six or they can last the distance. From our experience a new writer can write one column and find it was very hard work so they don’t continue. Then others have nothing else to say after the sixth column and start to repeat themselves. But Sue, week after week, serves up terrific, intelligent copy that is thoughtful, insightful and extremely helpful for our readers. She is also very professional and adheres to deadlines.She is been part of the reason SmartCompany is so successful.”