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Sales Trend 9 – Marketing technology for better sales results


Guest co-author: David Hubbard CEO, Founder and Revenue Growth Expert for Marketing Outfield, New York, USA Sales Trend 9 from our  12 Sales Trends Report for 2016 is about using Marketing technology for better sales results. Sales and Marketing Technology – Which Trends Should You Pay Attention To? No wonder we are confused. The number […]

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Why Marketing can’t fix a Sales Problem


When sales start to dry up or the business doesn’t seem to be getting traction with customers, many small to medium (SME) sized businesses will usually turn to Marketing in the first, and often only instance, as their preferred solution to fixing poor sales results. Why? Because many people have been taught to think they […]

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Sales Trend 4 – Sales & Marketing Unite

Marketing and Sales Unite

Sales Trend 4 of Barrett’s 12 Sales Trends for 2016 is Sales & Marketing Unite. For too many years there have been various degrees of finger-pointing and strained relations between the Sales and Marketing departments, and in too many cases open hostility. The ‘us and them’ approach has kept these two important disciplines at arms’ […]

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The 7 differences between Selling, Marketing & Networking


As I have stated before I am a stickler for using correct definitions when describing concepts and their elements. In music, science, mathematics, physics and engineering we do not usually debate the definition of these constructs. We accept that a crotchet is a crotchet, a prime number is a prime number and so on. No […]

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David Bowie – a role model for all entrepreneurs


The sad passing of David Bowie this last week has brought a huge wave of emotional outpouring from many parts of the world including myself. I grew up with David Bowie. He has been in my life as long as I can remember. He was, I admit, my most favourite  music star of all. I […]

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If you’re not selling, you’re supporting someone who is


Last week I wrote about ‘making promises you can keep and keeping the promises you make’ and when the rhetoric and reality do not coincide thus leaving customers disappointed at best and downright cynical and mad at worst. No business is perfect that’s for sure; however, if the intention of the business and its people […]

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Make promises you can keep & keep the promises you make


You may have noticed in recent times that many companies, especially larger organisations, are focusing their marketing and advertising efforts on trying to portray themselves as caring and empathic to whatever cause they think is important to us; the ‘we understand you and what you are going through’ approach; trying to talk to us in […]

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The legitimisation of Sales Strategy

sales strategy

The 10th Sales Trend for 2014 is ‘The Legitimisation of Sales Strategy’ Having a sales strategy is now of vital importance to the survival, growth and profitability of any organisation. Yet Sales Strategy, as a business discipline, has been poorly understood by sales managers and executive leadership teams alike, and rarely, if ever, executed well […]

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Sales Trend 5 – The move to Micro Sales Segmentation

micro sales segmentation

Since 2009 we have been publishing our Annual 12 Sales Trends reports. It has been very interesting to see the speed at which these trends are taking hold and becoming the new normal in business. Here is the fifth Sales Trend for 2014 – The Move to Micro Sales Segmentation. In 2014 sales teams are […]

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Marketing (as we know it) is dead

Cemetery, graveyard gravestones during fall season with copy space

The final Sales Trend for 2013 is ”Marketing (as we know it) is dead” but you probably already know that given the rapid changes happening in our markets. Traditional marketing, i.e. advertising, PR, branding and corporate communications, has become little more than an expensive, very often valueless mass communications methodology and has failed. Marketing has […]

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