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Sales Trend 9 – Marketing technology for better sales results


Guest co-author: David Hubbard CEO, Founder and Revenue Growth Expert for Marketing Outfield, New York, USA Sales Trend 9 from our  12 Sales Trends Report for 2016 is about using Marketing technology for better sales results. Sales and Marketing Technology – Which Trends Should You Pay Attention To? No wonder we are confused. The number […]

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2016 Sales Trend 8, Streamlining CRM


Sales Trend 8 from our  12 Sales Trends Report for 2016 is ‘Streaming CRM’. Many companies have invested in feature rich sales technologies only to find the functionalities are not being fully utilised or used at all by their sales teams. In many instances, these technologies are either overly complicated requiring excessive administration by sales […]

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Why using Sales Intelligence helps you close more sales

Whilst many salespeople complain of their frustrations with getting an initial appointment with new prospects, it’s the next step – converting these initial buyer-seller conversations into a presentation opportunity – that should be more of a concern. Research from CSO Insights shows an alarming erosion in the ability to move a sale from an initial […]

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20 years of improving sales teams & operations. What’s changed?


The 9th January 2015 marks 20 years in business for Barrett Consulting Group. Twenty years of helping companies, sales leaders and their salespeople improve their sales operations and their sales capabilities. Twenty years of helping salespeople and buyers have better, more mutually rewarding experiences, setting a fairer exchange of value. As I moved toward this […]

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Going mobile – the rise of Smartphones in Sales


In December 2012, we published the 12 Sales Trends Report for 2013 and released a brief summary of each trend. This month we are focusing on the Sales Trend “Going mobile – the rise of smartphones in sales”. As Australia deals with the challenge of becoming more globally competitive, organisations are making greater use of […]

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Customer Experience Management (CX) will replace CRMs

Customer Experience Management gone wrong

More products and services are becoming commoditised. Price differentiation is less of a sustainable advantage. Smarter buyers demand a faster response and expect greater value. In this kind of market it’s no longer good enough to simply satisfy customers. Successful organisations are those that delight their customers. That means that companies are going to migrate […]

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Why managing sales inputs leads to sales disaster

‘Selling is a numbers game’ has been said more times than any of us care to remember.  And yes, numbers are critical to sales, however some organisations place far too much emphasis on the managing the numbers, especially their obsession with their salespeople’s input activities – i.e. number for prospecting (cold) calls, client meetings, numbers […]

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Intuitive CRM

tin cans connected by string on white background

‘Intuitive Customer Centric CRM’ was voted by our readers as the number 10 Sales Trend of the 12 Sales Trends of 2012.  The goal of a CRM solution should be to drive growth (i.e. revenue) and maximize efficiencies (i.e. profit) in business practices and processes developing relationship management (sales) with customers at the centre of […]

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Are you letting online leads go cold?

Middle of last year I wrote about sales training and social media and in particular the impact on car dealerships and their sales teams. In particular, their tardiness in responding to online leads. Well it seems this is still a problem – only the other week one of my coaching clients told me about his […]

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