Helping people and businesses sell better

Over 90% of all sales people follow no logical process when selling!
Instead they fly by the seat of their pants.

Sales Managers are often unable to teach and transfer the necessary thinking, skill, knowledge and frameworks needed for effective sustained sales performance.

Until now!

Structure that can be taught and transferred

The four Barrett Sales Processes featured here provide the foundations to support the goals of growing sales and increasing sales force effectiveness.

They support both internal team and customer objectives by providing practical, grounded tools and thinking frameworks that can be practiced, applied and coached in the workplace on a daily basis.

The Barrett Sales Essentials Program

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Barrett Sales Essential Models
The 5 Step Sales and Account  Planning Process
The 5 Step Sales And Account Planning Process
The 5 Step Sales Planning Process is designed to provide Account Managers and BDM’s with a clear way to map sales opportunities, key contacts and challenges within their portfolio across new and existing accounts.

The Barrett model is best practice in consultative and strategic selling environments and is designed as a foundation platform for effective sales planning practices. Participants will develop their personal Go-to-market Action Plan as an outcome of participation and a clear strategy (sales strategy) for execution.

This program is best run over 2 days allowing for ample practice opportunities with relevant case studies.
The 4 Step Sales Prospecting Process
The 4 Step Sales Prospecting Process
The 4 Step Prospecting Process is designed to deepen sales people’s skills and knowledge in Prospecting Planning, Lead Generation, Prospect Calling and Pipeline Management.

It enables people to create a constant pool of contacts, referrals, sources and viable prospects to call upon and fine tune their prospecting scripts to position themselves favourably when making prospecting calls.

It helps people make effective prospecting calls that get them appointments with viable prospects and referral sources.

People also gain a deeper understanding of strategies to overcome common prospecting fears, unhelpful thinking and avoidance behaviour and become fully aware of any specific fears around prospecting and self promotion that affects their performance.

They learn strategies to overcome those fears which allow them to direct your energy into productive activities that lead to better sales outcomes.
The 7 Step Sales Communication Process
The 7 Step Sales Communication Process covers the complete professional sales conversation that is had with the prospect or client.

The Barrett model is best practice in highly sophisticated, strategic and complex environments with extended sales cycles.

Embedding the process into the way you do business results in better client engagement, shortened sales cycles and improved sales conversion.

The program is run over 2 days providing opportunity for practice and demonstration of improved proficiency in the skills developed.
The Optimistic Professional
The Optimisitic Professional
At Barrett we do more than just train people in skill and process; we help people become more emotionally aware, intelligent and resilient in a number of ways. Barrett works with the whole person and can provide people with access to a ranges of assessments and programs which give insight and teach people how to manage their emotions.

The Optimistic Professional is a 1-2 day introduction session on how to develop practical strategies to gain greater self awareness, manage your emotions, develop healthy attitudes and build resilience to help people lead successful careers. Key to a healthy life and career is developing emotional resilience and awareness in a variety of situations will support individuals to better achieve their goals, communicate with and manage other people, and spring back emotionally after suffering through a difficult and stressful time in one's life.

The program is designed for anyone and is particularly useful for people in high performance careers such as sales, leadership, etc. Key topics in the program include:

  1. The Functioning Brain Workshop
  2. What Is Resilience?
  3. Emotions In Your Workplace
  4. What Is Emotional Intelligence?
  5. How I See Myself and Cultivating Self Acceptance
  6. Benefits Of Optimism
  7. The ABC Model of Thoughts
  8. The Effect Of Negative Thinking
  9. Common Types Of Thinking Errors
  10. How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
  11. 10 Ways To Challenge Unproductive Appraisals
  12. Thought Transformation and Developing Positive Self Talk
  13. The Cummins Wellbeing Model
  14. Keeping Thought Journals
  15. My Personal Action Plan
  16. The Practice Of Doing It Now
Participants will come away with strategies and techniques to apply in their daily life to help them maintain a more positive mindset, develop their ability to bounce back after set backs. They will also get a Resource List to access further reading and development material on this subject.


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Matt Berriman, GM and Group Director CC Media
I met Sue Barrett many years ago when I was an athlete at the VIS participating in one of her management consultancy sessions, since then Sue has been a fantastic supporter, mentor and business consultant to me personally and now CC Media in recent times. Sue's at the very forefront of management and sales consultancy and has had a extremely positive direct impact on our sales team in a year where we have grown revenue by over 100% JOY. I couldn't recommend Sue and Barrett Consultancy highly enough. I look forward to many more years of working together!
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