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At Barrett we understand that developing and maintaining up-to-date knowledge, skills and resources in any profession is critical to business and personal success. In the ever changing world of sales and business development this is even more important, however getting ready access to reliable, evidenced based, practical and useful sales tools, resources, education and research is not easy. Often left to Point Solutions or motivational RAH RAH sessions, becoming sales fit can be a hit or miss affair.
Designed to be relevant to you and your selling situation
We understand that effective sales education for ongoing business development and enhanced sales performance needs to be relevant to your situation. That is why we have invested heavily in making sure our highly regarded, university grade, sales education materials and resources can be applied to the various sales scenarios business people find themselves in today: from B2B Sales (business to business, complex B2C (business to consumer), Key Account Management through to Professional Services selling.
Sales Essentials Professional Education Programs (PEP) include:
  • Sales Essentials Transformation Program (Sales Planning, Prospecting, Solutions Selling)
  • University Qualification version (Diploma of Business, Cert IV)
  • Sales Planning (account & territory planning)
  • Sales Prospecting (new business development)
  • Sales Communication (solutions selling)
  • RAIN MAKING for Professional Services Firms
  • Key Account Management
  • Sales Management Essentials
  • Other Sales Essentials Education Topics include:
    o Customer Service & Internal Sales (including telephone sales)
    o Negotiation
    o Presentations & pitching
    o Questioning skills
    o Creating viable solutions
    o The client meeting o Relationship building
    o Conflict resolution o Networking
    o Goal setting
Our Sales Essentials Professional Education Programs can be run as standalone workshops however they are also designed to be continuous, ongoing, incremental and relevant - a little bit every day, every week, every month to keep the momentum going and allow for an evolution sales mastery and achievement of sales results.

Sales Essentials Transformation Program (Sales Planning, Prospecting, Solutions Selling)

Sales Essentials 4 day workshop plus ongoing coaching & curriculum options

Who is it for: Barrett Sales Essentials is designed for all people in any customer facing role, in any organisation involved in either business to business (B2B) sales or selling in complex (B2C) situations.
The Program: Most sales training only covers one aspect of selling such as the sales call or account planning. Selling is however much more complex and involves many aspects which need to be coordinated into a sales system. Barrett Sales Essentials Program provides salespeople and managers with a sales system that includes core principles, skills, tools, templates, processes and models needed to control the vast array of variables that lead to sales success. 10 years in the making, Barrett Sales Essentials is a program and system designed to benchmark international best practice in 21st Century solutions selling.
Key areas of study: Participants will leave this powerful workshop with an entire portfolio of skills, systems and competencies, including: Sales planning; customer and account mapping; new business development and prospecting strategies and skills; effective solution selling skills; including questioning, listening, analysis, problem solving, solutions development, influencing, integrating and closing. Barrett Sales Essentials provides a robust selling process that houses organisational strategy, brand messaging, value propositions, product positioning, ethics and values.
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Val Dani, Group General Manager Dome Garden Supplies
We began working with Barrett midyear 2009.  Our Sales Team was in need of a makeover as our business had grown from Small Business to SME in a very short time. We desperately needed skilled, organized and proactive sales reps to sustain the growth and maintain our position in the market place.  For a period of 6 months, Sue Barett became our surrogate Sales Manager and held regular weekly sales meetings which involved coaching, mentoring and up-skilling the sales team to plan ahead and give them the confidence to get out on road where previously they were more in-house order takers rather than field reps.  The experience was both challenging and rewarding for the sales team and the process revealed the businesses' strengths and weaknesses which lead to the restructure of the entire business.  Barrett's approach is honest and encouraging and it's about seeking out real solutions.  There are no false promises or gimmicks on how to be the best but its rather a journey of self discovery supported with common sense sales strategies and plans that work and can be adapted by any sales rep and business.  One of the first things that Barrett warned us about was that not all sales reps will last the journey.  The process exposed some sales reps that didn't have what it takes and in time they exited the business which made way for more talented sales people.  Choosing Barrett was the one of the smartest business decisions we've made.  We still work closely with Barrett utilizing their services and tools such as the Psychometric Sales and Leadership testing which I highly recommend to recruit and retain the right people.  Sue is a rare and amazing coach, facilitator, mentor and business woman who inspires and challenges everyone she meets to be better sales reps, managers and people.
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