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desired-future-stateOver the past century selling has undergone a number of evolutions. And if this is true of selling in general, the sale of professional services. Professional service providers (lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, banking, management consultants, engineers, architects, etc.) have a unique dual role of advocacy and inquiry. They have to present a professional face that does not appear to be an overtly hard-sell, and yet they still need to be proactive in influencing decisions for new and / or additional business.

To address the unique perspective of these professionals Barrett developed R.A.I.N. MAKING so that it more effectively addresses selling in the professional services arena where change in the market place has been aggravated by the limited means of differentiation between competing firms. In the end it is not only the quality of service delivered (which is more or less the same across all firms and businesses) but also the quality of professional guidance and selling that commenced and stimulates the relationship that ultimately makes up the entire customer experience.

Conventional sales training does not cater for this complexity. Whilst many of the skills and techniques used in professional services selling are the same as those used in other solutions selling areas, their application is vastly different.
Conventionally selling has tended to chase "share of spend / wallet" making valiant efforts to capture a lucrative proportion of a client's spend in a category. But in professional services selling the emphasis shifts from share of wallet to "share of mind". By capturing share of mind (as opposed to the focus on share of wallet) partners and associates position themselves and the firm as the first choice provider for the service, as opposed to one of the choices.

The most effective rainmaking partners and associates bring business into the firm because they are no different when they "sell" than when they service...

  • they constantly prospect for new business
  • they prepare exceptionally well for every client interaction
  • they listen to their clients
  • they solve problems
  • they care about their clients' wellbeing
  • they strive for the success of their clients

Barrett's 3 day R.A.I.N. MAKING program plus ongoing coaching & curriculum options

Who is it for: Barrett's 3 day unique R.A.I.N. MAKING program is designed for lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, banking professionals, management consultants, engineers, architects, etc.

The Program: What is going to differentiate your firm from rivals is your ability to go beyond merely solving client problems, but rather helping clients create a new more desirable future. Specifically R.A.I.N. MAKING provides partners and associates with the skills to ...

  • Prospect for new business, and manage their individual prospect pipelines most effectively
  • Provide partners and associates with a range of communications skills that enable them to conduct meaningful conversations with their clients, at the same time as enhancing their listening skills
  • Encourage clients / prospective clients to discuss confidential and often sensitive information needed to craft more effective solutions
  • How to harness the other services offered by the firm in order provide the client with a single point of entry for a total solution

Barrett's 3 day unique R.A.I.N. MAKING program provides partners and associates with the skills needed to understand how individual clients view their current and desired future position and to understand what these clients expect the firm to do, to assist them in realising their aims and ambitions.

The R.A.I.N. MAKING will help you change the paradigm from share of spend to share of mind by...

  • Building strong Relationships
  • Define Ambitions
  • Understand the Implications of decisions
  • Build a New Reality for clients

For more information or 2 book in a R.A.I.N MAKING program please contact us on (+61) 03 95330000.


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Val Dani, Group General Manager Dome Garden Supplies
We began working with Barrett midyear 2009.  Our Sales Team was in need of a makeover as our business had grown from Small Business to SME in a very short time. We desperately needed skilled, organized and proactive sales reps to sustain the growth and maintain our position in the market place.  For a period of 6 months, Sue Barett became our surrogate Sales Manager and held regular weekly sales meetings which involved coaching, mentoring and up-skilling the sales team to plan ahead and give them the confidence to get out on road where previously they were more in-house order takers rather than field reps.  The experience was both challenging and rewarding for the sales team and the process revealed the businesses' strengths and weaknesses which lead to the restructure of the entire business.  Barrett's approach is honest and encouraging and it's about seeking out real solutions.  There are no false promises or gimmicks on how to be the best but its rather a journey of self discovery supported with common sense sales strategies and plans that work and can be adapted by any sales rep and business.  One of the first things that Barrett warned us about was that not all sales reps will last the journey.  The process exposed some sales reps that didn't have what it takes and in time they exited the business which made way for more talented sales people.  Choosing Barrett was the one of the smartest business decisions we've made.  We still work closely with Barrett utilizing their services and tools such as the Psychometric Sales and Leadership testing which I highly recommend to recruit and retain the right people.  Sue is a rare and amazing coach, facilitator, mentor and business woman who inspires and challenges everyone she meets to be better sales reps, managers and people.
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