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Overview Sales Strategy

  • Design a Sales Strategy
  • Sales Segmentation
  • Develop meaningful Value Propositions
'Our only regret... we didn't do this process 12 months earlier'... Often confused with marketing strategy, from a sales perspective, the Go-to-Market Sales Strategy is the mechanism by which an organisation delivers its unique value proposition to segments within given target markets. Working with an organisation's senior executives, Barrett's Design a Sales Strategy Process includes...
  • Defining Sales Segments to determine the most effective strategy and Go-to-Market plan for each segment
  • Articulating a Value Proposition(s) that enhances the customers’ business creating a distinct point of difference and competitive advantage
  • Sales Performance Criteria (KPIs) that focus and drive excellent sales effort on a sustained basis
  • Performance Measures and methodologies for monitoring, measuring and sustaining sales momentum
Sales segmentation has become the more powerful way to improve sales effective targeting. Not only does micro (sales) segmentation enable sales to focus on growth areas and reduce unnecessary effort, because of its three-dimensional view of segments - attraction of the supplier to buyers in a segment, attractiveness of the segment to the supplier and competitive position in the segment, it minimise the number of competitors in play, reduces the cost of sales and shortens the sales cycle. Sale segmentation is about micro-marketing - identifying potential buyers in a territory and how best to reach them in order to...
  • Improve sales performance
  • Provide salespeople with direction
  • Identify how the organisation is positioned relative to available alternatives and thereby improving sales closing ratios
  • Interpret the position of the organisation in a segment and develop more effective strategies for success
One of the most potent, but often overlooked tools in the sales armoury is the value proposition - a statement that clearly describes the value that a buyer will receive in making a purchase decision, explained in a manner that not only motivates that buyer, but that defines the value in a way that differentiates the organisation. A meaningful value proposition...
  • Gives your company the opportunity to develop a competitive advantage, by differentiating you from your rivals
  • Provides salespeople with an effective way of quickly positioning your organisation
  • Enables salespeople to give buyers a reason to consider a purchase
  • Provides marketing with collateral that aligns with the sales message

"In a 21st Century world Selling is not merely a channel for marketing to reach its target! It is a primary activity that seeks out, creates and then harvests business opportunities offering fair value as an exchange! In reality, marketing (if it is to be truly effective) should be supporting the sales effort, rather than the other way around. In strategic selling terms, the old supply-driven 4Ps of marketing has been replaced with a more customer-centric model – SIVA (Solutions, Information, Value and Access).

To be a 21st Century Sales Driven Organisation, Sales Operations need to turn reactive tactical sales planning into proactive strategic sales thinking, driving sales strategies to create a sustainable competitive advantage and increase opportunities for incremental sales success and enhanced profit improvement."

At Barrett we know that Sales, rather than being driven on a tactical (day-to-day) basis as an element of the marketing mix, should be viewed as an independent Primary Activity in the value chain, with its own, unique support structure and mission.

Access to real world Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, Insight and Wisdom

Barrett has worked with thousands of businesses around the world helping them develop and implement their sales strategies and achieve business transformation. This has given us firsthand experience of the challenges many industries and markets face, especially now that the world of business is changing so dramatically.

Working with executives across the C-Suite through to Sales Managers and their teams in the field, Barrett's Sales Strategists bring a fresh perspective to Sales Strategy using customer-driven models and principles combined with many years of real world experience, knowledge and wisdom."


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  • Strategically we work with you to articulate/implement
  • Results/Outcomes you can achieve working with Barrett
  • Vision & Message
  • Company Story
  • Values & Guiding Principles
  • Sales Strategy & Tactics
  • Value Chain
  • Products / Services
  • Customers & Competitors
  • Value proposition & Competitive edge
  • Paths to market
  • Business & Sales Goals
  • Brand essence
  • Go-to-market plans
Change your thinking and you change your world. Ghandi

That is how it is with Sales Strategy.

Barrett works with organisations to unshackle their sales operations from the underbelly of marketing and stand next to marketing as peers.
We educate executives from the C-Suite down including Sales Leaders and Sales Managers on how to think, build and execute effective sales strategies that translate into real and measureable actions and results in the field.

We help Sales Operations turn reactive tactical sales planning into proactive strategic sales thinking driving sales strategies. This, in turn, allows organisations and their respective sales teams develop a sustainable competitive advantage and increase opportunities for incremental sales success and enhanced profit improvement.

It's time for Sales Strategy.