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brain scienceThe science is clear, our success resides in how we use our brains – our brains can continue to learn, grow and adapt until the day we die. Brain science or Neuroscience is an important area of research and development for everyone, especially Leaders, Sales Managers, Coaches Sales Teams. Learning how to train and in many instances, retrain our brains to incorporate effective thinking and habits will see sales teams forging new neural pathways leading to greater sales success. For years, scientists and psychologists have heralded the application of brain science / neuroscience tools and processes as a pathway to wellness and success. The amount of knowledge we have discovered about the brain since the beginning of the 21st Century alone surpasses anything that we knew before.

Now, it's finally and officially arrived on the doorstep of sales and marketing professionals. If you are not training your sales, marketing, service and leadership teams in brain science, neuroscience and neuropsychology you could be left behind in the 21st Century.

Latest Research – managing stress

The brain is known to be like an electro-chemical machine and it's our thoughts that affect the flow of our neurotransmitters across synaptic connections, especially the likes of Adrenaline and Dopamine. This in turn affects how we manage ourselves, make decisions and even recover from adversity.  Living under the feeling of constant excessive pressure is not good for us on any level,  particularly for sales teams who are often subject to achieving under the demands of sales targets and tight timeframes. Developing Emotional Resilience is vital to our wellbeing, our overall functioning as human beings.

Avoid the Brain Drain & achieving success

One of the biggest detractors from achieving effective long term sales performance is being in a distressed state for a prolonged period of time, reducing one's ability to bounce back from adversity, make effective decisions and manage our self.  The scientific research is showing that putting sales people under 'constant pressure' to achieve sales targets with no consideration given to time allocation preparation and resources is leading to poor quality decision making, poor overall performance and unhealthy life practices. This leads to negative behaviour such as excessive alcohol consumption, and poor eating and sleeping habits which all contribute to the prevalence of poor sales results.

So how is your team holding up in these challenging times? Could they benefit from knowing how to manage their emotions?

How can Barrett help you – we train people how to use their brains

At Barrett we do more than just train people in skill and process; we help people become more emotionally aware, intelligent and resilient in a number of ways. Barrett works with the whole person and can provide people with access to a ranges of assessments and programs which give insight and teach people how to manage their emotions. We train people how to use their brains via a series of workshops and coaching.

We run a series of programs such as the Optimistic Professional which you can read about at For more information please contact us.
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Lauren Smith, Account & Campaign Manager,
I just wanted to reiterate James's sentiments and thank you again for your time. Was a fantastic webinar - really positive feedback from the audience. (As a Robert Louis Stevenson fan, I love the quote at the start!)
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