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Overview Sales Consulting

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Force Design & Benchmarking
  • Sales Alignment
A well structured sales strategy will enable your sales force to focus on real business opportunities, effectively improving sales performance, and simultaneously reducing the cost of sale. Strategy enables sales to focus on delivering a superior customer experience that turns the value of a competitive advantage into something more tangible, such as...
  • Plan to penetrate attractive sales segments
  • Learn to use your position in a segment to increase profits
  • Develop a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Determine Sales Performance Criteria (KPIs)
  • Use Sales Strategy thinking and planning to drive improved sales momentum
Looking to restructure your sales team to deliver better results or benchmark their current capabilities against best practice standards? Want to define what the right sales talent needs to look like for your business to function at its best? Barrett has developed a range of well researched online sales benchmarking and profiling methodologies to help you...
  • Build a high performance sales unit/team
  • Define the key qualities of your top sales performers for replication
  • Benchmark your salespeople against best practice standards targeting further development
  • Improve role clarity and accountability across the sales team
  • Determine the right level(s) for sales roles and team structure
In an age where cost control is a vitally important part of developing a sustainable competitive advantage a sales operation that is fully aligned with the organisation's value chain not only reduces cost, it speeds up service delivery, in the process improving the customer’s experience ...
  • Develop clear sales process that cuts the cost of sales
  • Break down inter-functional silos to achieve flow across the value chain
  • Develop a unified sales force that is totally customer-centric
  • Implement 7 things you can do immediately to improve sales operations

Sales Consulting

Leading and running a fit and viable Sales Operation is complex. There are NO quick fixes or one-size-fits-all approaches to achieving highly effective sustainable sales operation in the 21st century.

If you are looking for an easy solution to a complex business area then stop reading now.
If you're looking for sales training as your fast track sales solution don't waste your money.

So why do too many business and sales leaders still gravitate to isolated sales training events as their Number 1 preferred solution to sales performance and productivity issues? Because that is how they have been taught to see the solution to their sales problems. Most of our contemporaries will start and finish with sales training as THE solution for your sales operations issues. Why? Because that is where they will make the most money out of you. And what are you left with? If you are lucky, a momentary lift in sales performance and then everything returns to the old 'normal' and nothing changes.

Are you prepared to risk all of your sales efforts on isolated sales training events? How much money, time and lost productivity do you think you have wasted on isolated sales training initiatives in the past?


If you want to understand or more clearly articulate what it takes to run an effective fully functioning sales operation that has, at its heart, a strategic sales force and focus then you need to take a holistic view and examine the many parts that make for having a highly effective sustainable sales operation. Excellence is in the details. Leading and operating an effective and efficient sales operation in today's world is complex. There is no running away from that. You need to know where to start and how to think about your sales operational effectiveness before you act.


Before you begin addressing any sales operation issues you have to know what questions to ask.

Questions deliver Answers
Our team at Barrett will work with you help you find answers to the following questions and more...

  • What directs the efforts of the salespeople on a sustained basis?
  • What support, resources, skills and plans provide salespeople with the focus they need to be fully effective?
  • What gives the sales force the discipline and sets the standards of behaviour, that differentiates one professional salesperson, from another; or that reinforces the brand equity the company has invested in creating?
  • What is the optimal size for a sales force, and the best way to remunerate, reward and motivate them. And how does one shape the sales force to make sure it is able to best serve customers and prospects
  • What is the optimal sales structure for the organisation as a whole, for the regions / states and for the branch operations that ensures sales has an unfettered track to follow; that synthesises the sales effort with the organisation's strategic imperatives?
  • And finally, what infrastructure allows salespeople to function at optimal levels without being hamstrung by unnecessary administrative activates, complex management dictates or inadequate information support?

Helping you achieve your sales goals

Barrett helps you create a strategic sales force – one driven by a focused sales strategy, rather than a panel-beaten corporate / marketing strategy or territory plan for capturing incremental share of spend – is a highly treasured asset. It will deliver better results for the organisation's customers and as a result, for the enterprise itself!

So why Barrett?

Unlike any other consulting practice, Barrett specialises in addressing issues that impact on and influence sales. We have dedicated ourselves to perfecting services and providing solutions that enhance the performance of our clients' sales operations, whether that involves a single assessment of an individual's capabilities, or the entire realignment of the sales organisation.

Established in 1995 with over 100 years of cumulative experience in delivering sales consulting, training and development that addresses cognitive behavioural change, and with the only sales training programs recognised by a university, Barrett partners with its clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency their sales operations.

Working as a team we enable our clients to...

  • Sell more, more effectively, at healthier margins and with less risk of failure
  • Help our clients make more informed decisions regarding:
    • Whom to employ
    • Who to train and coach
    • How to ensure a more effective sales force with better, sustainable bottom line results

Barrett educates and enables our clients to lead and run highly effective sales operations and sales careers.

Excellence is in the details so to help you articulate your sales operation priorities more clearly here are some Common Sales Operation Problems we help you fix.

When partnering with us you get access to a team of experienced, qualified business professionals with expertise in sales, management, customer service, organisational psychology, learning and development (facilitation, instructional design), HR, sales training, coaching, sales coaching, Job design, competency development and Assessments. We are a highly collegiate team and possess a 'roll up the sleeves' attitude and willingness to get the job done to meet self, company or customer imposed deadlines. 

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  • Outcomes you can achieve by working with Barrett:
  • Barrett's Portfolio of Consulting Services
  • lift business performance by designing the sales culture and business culture
  • design your ideal sales force
  • create a healthy,  productive, high performing sales team
  • embed more sustainable business practices that grow revenue
  • refresh your thinking, ideas, actions and results
  • develop career paths and succession planning
  • define clear performance expectations and more accountable performance management

Barrett's extensive portfolio of experience, skills and knowledge in the sales environment covers every aspect of all forms of selling, customer relationship and sales management, including...

  • Sales strategy consulting & development
  • Sales leadership mentoring
  • Sales force design and blueprints for development and selection
  • Sales leadership psychometric assessments for selection & development
  • Sales & customer perception research and mapping
  • Barrett also has a full suite of training modules & programs across the sales, service & sales leadership spectrum
  • Strategically we work with you to articulate/implement
  • Results/Outcomes you can achieve working with Barrett
  • Vision & Message
  • Company Story
  • Values & Guiding Principles
  • Sales Strategy & Tactics
  • Value Chain
  • Products / Services
  • Customers & Competitors
  • Value proposition & Competitive edge
  • Paths to market
  • Business & Sales Goals
  • Brand essence
  • Go-to-market plans
Change your thinking and you change your world. Ghandi

That is how it is with Sales Strategy.

Barrett works with organisations to unshackle their sales operations from the underbelly of marketing and stand next to marketing as peers.
We educate executives from the C-Suite down including Sales Leaders and Sales Managers on how to think, build and execute effective sales strategies that translate into real and measureable actions and results in the field.

We help Sales Operations turn reactive tactical sales planning into proactive strategic sales thinking driving sales strategies. This, in turn, allows organisations and their respective sales teams develop a sustainable competitive advantage and increase opportunities for incremental sales success and enhanced profit improvement.

It's time for Sales Strategy.
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Mary Martin, former General Manager
The training has proven to be invaluable, in both the motivational level, and skills enhancement.  The team are delivering great results currently, and are proving to be able to handle more complex situations. I have meetings booked on Friday, so unfortunately am unable to catch up. thanks again for all your help Sue the training has been relevant , applicable and has obviously transferred into real skills
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Working as a team we enable our clients to make more informed decisions