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Sales Coaching Research

A large international study reported that if Sales Managers were more frequently and better trained and coached, their sales teams achieved higher performance and results.  In no other type of sales training was a more positive correlation found between frequency of sales training and sales performance. Barrett is dedicated to the importance of sales coaching and what you need to do to be an effective sales coach. Barrett trains and equips sales managers with tools and resources that work.

Despite popular opinion, the sales profession is very skillful with many technical and interpersonal skills that need to be continuously honed and developed.   Despite this, most sales people are given no formal training or coaching rather they are often left to work out for themselves how to be effective at sales. Even if they are able to attend sales training, most sales people do not realise their full potential because nothing was done post the training session to get people adapting their behaviours, skills and performance to the new standards.

Real Sales Content to coach to

Coaching works best when it applied to tangible actions and outcomes.  That is why Barrett has developed the Field Sales Coaching Kits which gives real content to coach to around selling processes such as sales planning, sales prospecting, sales client communication, the sales call, customer service and behaviours such as Sales Call Reluctance ®.  No longer do you have to guess about what to look for, what to ask and what to do to develop your sales people.

Information such as 'Clues that improvement is needed", "Questions to ask to uncover issues', and "Suggestions for Improvement are documented for Sales Managers taking the guess work out of sales coaching.  By attending our 21st Century Sales Coaching Program you will be guaranteed of receiving your very own Barrett Field Sales Coaching Guide.

Barrett Field Sales Coaching Kit includes:

Modern Coaching Techniques including:
  • GROW Model
  • Powerful Coaching Questions
  • Active Listening Techniques
  • Islands of Interest
  • Johari Window
Coaching Templates
  • Sales Coaching In-The-Field Guide
    Step 1: Assess - Before the Call/Visit
    Step 2: Evaluate - During the Call
    Step 3: Feedback - After the Call
  • 4 Step Prospecting Coaching Guide
  • 5 Step Sales Planning Coaching Guide
  • 7 Step Sales Process Coaching Guide
Coaching Call Reluctance

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