A Barrett Selling Better Case Study

Here is a brief snap shot of the current results of a major Selling Better project we started with one of our clients in 2015: 60 salespeople plus managers in a mid-tier speciality banking and finance company, Australia.

  • 130% of sales budget year to date
  • Sales pipeline confirmed business out to 24 weeks versus previous 14 week benchmark
  • Sales team realignment to match higher value customer market opportunities
  • Sales team finding and winning larger, more profitable sales with better quality clients
  • Customer retention (of the right kind of customers) at 100%
  • The CVP (customer value proposition) has been adopted across the whole sales team and business
  • The NPS (net promoter score) has lifted significantly
  • Regular and effective coaching happening across the sales team
  • Sales process has been adopted across the business and now is common practice, creating a shared common language
  • Created better career paths and opportunities for team
  • CEO fully endorsed and supported the change initiative
  • This Selling Better project is one of 4 company-wide projects and has taken the lead in facilitating a complete culture and mindset shift across the whole organisation towards customer centricity and being sales fit which has led to changes in operations, risk, and fulfillment to deliver great customer experience.

This is just some of the feedback we received last week from the National Sales Director of the company.

This feedback is a direct result of a 2 year Sales Strategy & Operations Plan that his team and ours (the Barrett team) developed and implemented to help his sales team and overall business sell better.

It started with the Barrett Sales Strategy & Operations Audit and Planning Process in February 2015 which defined the sales strategy and go-to-market action plan, and a 50 point action plan to set the business up to deliver a robust sales strategy, sales process, and sales team capability.

What did we do to engineer the process and make this sales transformation project work so successfully?

Together, over two years, we implemented the following: Focused Sales Strategy and Sales Market Segmentation, Sales Messaging and CVP, Sales Operations Framework, Sales Process Mapping and Resources Refinement, Sales Benchmarking, Sales Scorecard, Sales Role Clarity and Competency Framework (Job Descriptions), Sales Leadership Benchmarks, Sales Leadership Development in Sales Coaching, customised ongoing Sales Training (classroom, infield, online using 70:20:10 model), continuous Infield Coaching Support all underpinned by bloody good sales leadership, team work, project management, and regular and effective communication.

Needless to say, this Sales Director is very happy. His sales scorecard is glowing. His CFO and CEO are singing him and his team praises, and are continuing to promote the immense value of such a well-planned change initiative that has led to better sales and customer satisfaction outcomes. And this is just the beginning.

We both agreed that this is what happens when you do sales transformation programs properly.

This is what the Barrett team does best. This is what we love to do.

If you value selling better, the Barrett team is here to help. We are looking to speak to Sales Leaders, CEOs and Managing Partners with sales teams or client facing teams of 30-500+ people who are looking to make effective and sustainable changes to their business culture where the customer experience and selling better matters to everyone.

If you would like to help or learn more about how we help people and businesses sell better please contact us on (+61) 03 9533 0000 or contact@barrett.com.au

Remember everybody lives by selling something.

Author: Sue Barrett, www.barrett.com.au

BTW What if we aim to Sell Better instead of focusing on only selling more?

Sue Barrett is the founder and CEO of the innovative and forward thinking sales advisory and education firm, Barrett and the online sales education & resource platform www.salesessentials.com. Sue was the first in Australia to get Selling a university qualification and has written more than 600 blog posts and 21 e-books on sales and with her team produces the ‘must read’ Annual 12 Sales Trends Report. Striving to help people and businesses sell better, Sue is a Sales Philosopher, Activist, Strategist, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Adviser. Get to know her further on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.


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