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Personality (Everyday Preferences)
Our everyday preferences or 'dominant' behaviours will impact on what we like to do, and what we are better at doing. There are no good or bad tendencies, just differences between people, and those differences allow us to compliment each other's style and effectiveness at work.

However, by providing some insight into our everyday behaviours, you will hopefully learn how to better leverage what you do well, and what you may need to focus your development on.

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) measures Everyday Preferences across seven scales: Resilience, Ambition, Sociability, Communication Style, Conscientiousness, Inquisitiveness, and Learning Approach that can influence success in any role.

  • Map Leadership team's everyday preferences
  • Map Team structure
  • Better management of staff
  • Better staff selection and retention
  • Job Fit

  • Administered online via user name and password sourced via an accredited provider.
  • The HPI can be used for recruitment and development purposes.
  • Individual report and team summary reports.
  • HPI will NOT measure motivators & values, communication styles, emotional intelligence, leadership styles and derailers, prospecting fitness, or cognitive attributes and abilities (IQ).
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