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Measuring Cognitive Attributes and Abilities (IQ)

Some sales and many leadership roles, especially those in sophisticated or complex markets, require high level thinking abilities such as:

  • Verbal- verbal fluency, vocabulary & ability to understand & reason using words.
  • Numerical- ability to use and understand numerical concepts, reason using numbers and perceive logical relationships between them.
  • Abstract- the ability to think clearly and make sense of complexity, which is known as educative ability and the ability to store and reproduce information, known as reproductive ability.
  • Critical Thinking – the ability to clarify goals, examine assumptions, discern hidden values, evaluate evidence, accomplish actions, and assess conclusions.
There are no sales specific attributes and abilities assessments however good quality Attributes and Abilities assessment have been around for over 50 years. They are often referred to as IQ tests. They are widely available through accredited providers and most organizational psychologists.

  • Administered online via user name and password sourced via an accredited provider.
  • IQ assessments provide a 'score' report, where you rate and usually are compared to various norm groups.
  • IQ assessments will NOT measure personality, motivators & values, communication styles, emotional intelligence, leadership styles and derailers, or prospecting fitness.
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