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Portfolio What We Have Already Done Since 1995

  • Sue Barrett is a featured writer on a regular (weekly) basis for some of Australia's most prominent business media outlets
  • Won the 1997 Telstra and Victorian Government Small Business Award
  • Built the first Australian multi-level Sales Competency Dictionary based on Australian and International research Read More
  • Psychometrically profiled 80,000+ people in sales, business development and leadership Read More
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PortfolioOur Extensive Portfolio in the Sales Environment

Barrett's extensive portfolio in the sales environment covers every aspect of all forms of selling, customer relationship and sales management, including...

  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales leadership mentoring
  • Sales force design and blueprints for development and selection
  • Sales leadership and salespeople psychometric assessments for selection & development
  • Sales organisational structure
  • Sales force incentives and right-sizing
  • Sales metrics and performance standards
  • Sales & customer perception research and mapping
  • Sales, account management and sales management tools and systems
  • Sales coaching
  • Sales management financials, process and performance management skills
  • A full suite of training modules & programs across the sales, service, account management & sales leadership spectrum
  • A range of online competency & skills assessment questionnaires for sales, sales coaching and sales leadership


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Portfolio: Our Clients Review Our Previous Work

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