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About the Barrett Business Education Scholarship Program

The aim of the professional development initiative is to assist VIS athletes develop their business career goals. The initiative will enable athletes to prepare for their life after sport as a business owner/operator/ manager, whilst continuing their training and participation at an elite level. The ACE business development initiative grew from research conducted by the ACE Program regarding relevance of ACE Services to athletes in different stages of their sport, career and life. Also feedback from some athletes on their interests in setting up a small business. The initiative is designed to assist athlete's who are serious about starting a business or looking to grow their current business further through access to industry leaders, resources and professional development.

Each year VIS athletes are invited to submit their applications to the program. Upon acceptance to the program the participants bring their current business or new business idea and put it through a vision, value, planning, prospecting and client centric sales filters and sales system. They attend 4 workshops which focus on developing Business/Sales Strategy, Prospecting and generating new business, sales communication (consultative & solution focused selling) to generate sales forge viable client relationships, and creating healthy business mindset. Those who attend to program then need to present their business plan to the Judging panel: Anne Marie Harrison, Kate Palmer and Sue Barrett. Under the Scholarship parameters the successful athlete is entitled to 4 x 90 minute face to face mentor/coaching sessions with Sue Barrett. They are also entitled to $1000 funding from the VIS ACE Program to support the growth of your business.

Barrett Business Education Scholarship Program was launched in 2010. Barrett Consulting Group has been a VIS ACE sponsor since 1996 and Sue Barrett has been working with the VIS since 1992.

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Christian Williams says, 

To everyone involved with VIS Barrett Business Education Scholarship Program I can not begin to express how grateful I am to have been included in 2011. The lessons and strategies I have learnt from Sue Barrett and VIS ACE team have been life changing. My understanding of the business world has increased dramatically since the beginning of the program and my business is prospering as a direct result. Whether you are a sales person or an athlete I can not recommend Barrett highly enough. It has been a privilege to work with Sue and her team and I'm a better person and businessman because of it.
Many thanks Christian Williams VIS

Don Elgin, who raised his public profile during the Sydney Paralympics with appearances on national television and radio says,

"At the time I did the Barrett program I was a VIS scholarship holder and no one knew about Paralympic athletes and there was certainly no sponsorship for them. The Barrett process educated and empowered me to take action to get out there and educate the market and secure sponsorships. The best thing I learnt was that the worst people could say to me was 'NO' and that was a revelation because it meant that everything was possible. I was able to tap into the potential I already had and this helped me have the confidence to get out there and give it a go. Not only am I better equipped to source and negotiate sponsorships, but the course has had a positive impact on my confidence and this has assisted the promotional work at my place of employment.

When I started the Barrett program I was a Postie. Using what I learnt I was able to move through Customer Service and Business Account Management roles to National Marketing Coordinator for the Philatelic division of Australia Post. I have also adapted what I have learned at Barrett to all parts of my life including my work with the Juvenile Justice System and my family where I help my young daughters to develop their public speaking skills and their ability to see the good in people. Whilst I have achieved a number TWO ranking in the world for my sport and success in my career, I have come to realise that having children is the greatest honour and challenge of all. I now know that I need to make sure I leave a legacy that helps them unlock and achieve their potential whatever that may be."
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A Semi-Government organisation
Our team worked closely with Barrett's at a time when the market place in which we operate had become increasingly competitive, and as a result our sales team could no longer rely on our strong brand and passive referrals for new business. Leading up to the program our entire sales team completed an assessment to gauge sales prospecting fitness, with the team provided with individualised reports during the program to illustrate suggested strengths and potential weaknesses highlighting areas for development. This included a discussion on mindset around the sales process.Our three day course was introduced to our Regional General Managers on the first day with some specialised coaching training so that we could follow up one-on-one with the sales team once the program was completed. To enable this we were armed with practical tools provided by Barrett's to assist this coaching process, to ensure we could respond to the needs of each member of our sales team. The program itself illustrated the changes that had taken place in the sales process over time, and provided information and action plans as to developing an increasingly successful sales environment within our organisation. We looked at the overall prospecting process including goal setting, lead generation and review.Prior to our work with Barrett's the sales team had accepted a huge challenge to talk to 1000 new prospects over a short timeframe, and initially we heard any number of barriers and excuses as to why this would not be possible, however with the practical lessons gained from Sue, our 25-strong sales team put into practice the learnings from the course, and with the confidence gained we successfully hit the target, with time to spare. Working with a limited timeframe the sales team were able to focus their energy on the prospecting process, and successfully generated a pipeline of enquiries to follow up over the following period.This great result has provided a great deal of motivation for the sales team, and we are confidently looking forward to a productive prospecting future. Thanks Sue and the team at Barrett's for your support.
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