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Survival of the Adaptive P1: focus on changing buying habits


Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is often misquoted as being ‘the survival of the fittest’ when in fact it is ‘the survival of the most adaptive’. And that is how we need to be if we want to survive and thrive in these ever changing markets – adaptive. This series of ‘Survival of the Adaptive’ […]

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How buying patterns have changed


Salespeople everywhere are faced with demands to meet increasingly high quotas in the face of growing market complexity and relentless financial pressure. There is also more competitors with Me2 products –just as good as brand names–, and an increased pressure on margins with buyers reluctant to make early commitments. Salespeople are facing demands like they […]

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Some Social Selling Myths & Challenges


Since LinkedIn started its publishing arm there has been a growing tsunami of articles filling our news feeds and inboxes. Amongst this flood of information are some great articles and, of course, there are those articles that are a waste of time. That’s to be expected. Within this tsunami there has been a range of […]

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Sales Trend 7 – The Normalising of Social Media in Sales


The seventh Sales Trend for 2014 is ‘The Normalising of Social Media in Sales’. This sales trend is seeing businesses really ramping up their use of social media and in very sophisticated ways. Rather than seeing social media as a tack on to the marketing budget, smart businesses are now creating their own social media […]

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How to use Email and LinkedIn to prospect


In our digital world it is becoming much easier and quicker to find and contact people we want to get in front of. Just think LinkedIn and how easy it is to research prospects by title, industry and company, or using Google to research industries by location, speciality, etc. There should be no excuse about […]

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Going mobile – the rise of Smartphones in Sales


In December 2012, we published the 12 Sales Trends Report for 2013 and released a brief summary of each trend. This month we are focusing on the Sales Trend “Going mobile – the rise of smartphones in sales”. As Australia deals with the challenge of becoming more globally competitive, organisations are making greater use of […]

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Tips for using email and web leads effectively in sales

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Sales can be made in several ways: face-to-face, over the phone, web-based, direct mail or via e-mail.  With the plethora of internet businesses now transacting sales online you’d be forgiven for thinking that you could dispense with sales people all together but in many instances you would be incorrect.  There are very few businesses that […]

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From Mass Marketing to Markets of One

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”Move over mass marketing welcome to fragmentation and segmentation” was voted by our readers as the third most important sales trend in Barrett’s 2012 Sales Trends Report. Market fragmentation and segmentation is well and truly taking over from Mass Marketing society’s staple way of communicating with buyers for over 50 years. So what will this […]

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Exceptional Prospecting and Social Media

With social networking sites and the plethora of online data available, 2011 presents us with better quality prospecting and more qualified prospects. ‘Prospecting and Social Media’ was voted as the Number 4 Sales Trends for 2011. Business networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo, and the emergence of Facebook and Twitter as business destinations, give […]

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Having a sales monologue instead of sales dialogue with your customers?

Have you ever noticed your customers getting that glazed look when you tell them how fabulous you and your company are? Have you ever had your customers seem very agreeable in your sales meeting but never seem to follow through with an order? Have you ever found yourself doing all of the talking whether in […]

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