Helping people and businesses sell better

The Brutal Facts
Most Sales Managers...

  • Are not given the support they need to be competent
  • Have no formal training in Sales Management practices

The Sureness of Success

  • When sales managers are trained their teams achieve better performance results
  • No other sales training had a more positive correlation with increased sales performance



Become a 21st Century Sales Leader
Barrett's Sales CEO program is about creating fit and viable Sales Leaders who can manage and lead effective sales teams at state, regional, national and international levels.
Our three year Sales CEO program produces outstanding sales managers who are able to work at Level 5 Sales Leadership.

At Barrett we believe that Sales Leadership is about getting the best out of ourselves and our people. It’s about creating an environment where we all want to be and do our best.

Level 5 Sales Leadership
Level 5 Sales Leaders all have one thing in common – they have BHAGs – "Big Hairy Audacious Goals",
Taking a leaf from Jim Collin's masterful work – Good to Great...Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't – we have identified what can best be described as "Level 5 Sales Leaders".

Level 5 Sales Leaders are those sales managers who:

  • have both "personal humility" and "professional will".
  • aren't super-star salesmen whose teams' performance goes into decline when they don't sell or when they move on
  • are diligent and hard working.

Celebrity sales leaders on the other hand – are the ones who go into the field and capture business rather than invest their time in their team's development – often work for a time, but appear to be damaging in the long run, because they don't create sustained results.

Level 5 Sales Leaders...
Make sure they have the right people on the team – and they do that before deciding "what" decisions are taken. To do this they...

  • Don't hire someone unless they have defined what 'GOOD' looks like for their sales strategy and are 100.0% sure that they're the right person for the right job.
  • Know when they need to fire someone and they don't put it off
  • Give good people good opportunities, rather than the biggest problems

Level 5 Sales Leaders...
Are also prepared to confront the brutal facts and not ignore reality in favour of some hoped for situation, so they... ask questions rather than dispense "answers". They encourage healthy debate and when things go wrong they investigate to avoid repeating the mistake, instead of assigning blame. They create mechanisms that allow people to communicate problems instantly and without repercussions.

Ready to become a Sales CEO?
If you are curious about how Barrett can be of service in the area of Sales Leadership please contact us on (+61) 03 9533 0000 or explore the following areas for further information.

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