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Barrett Coaches are incisive thinking who integrate Barrett's leading-edge intellectual property along with a wealth of practical experience from leading teams to managing businesses, to deliver outstanding client outcomes.

  • Barrett Coaches are highly skilled and experienced in this field who have held senior management positions within organisations for more than 10 years, and collectively across diverse industries
  • Barrett Coaches must hold an industry recognised Coaching Certification or be a registered Psychologist, with more than 100+ coaching or counselling hours
  • We operate based on Barrett Core Coaching Competencies and in alignment with the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies & Guidelines
  • We understand that gaining professional trust and establishing instant rapport is imperative in building a coaching relationship, therefore, we present Barrett Coaches that show a great fit with a potential client
  • Utilise psychometric assessments where appropriate to create immediate insight and understanding
  • Barrett Coaches have implemented and delivered coaching (sales coaching), coach training programs & follow up coaching successfully within 60+ large organisations across a varying industries throughout Australia & the Asia Pacific
  • We utilise Australian and International research to deliver culturally relevant material.
  • We acknowledge that as part of any bespoke training delivered by Barrett that follow-up is paramount in order to transition the learning into habitual and results driven behavior.
  • Barrett has unparalleled understanding of the most critical dynamics of organisations driven by sales.
  • We offer tiered coaching and training to suit the many levels of skill and experience people have in an organisation; whether new to sales, service, team work, management, c-suite, or a seasoned veteran.
  • We facilitate a way of thinking about yourself, your role and your business and how you can achieve excellence through purposeful action.
  • All coaching is customised with end-to-end solutions. It is tailor made to suit the individual or business, whether it is a coaching series, a 2-hour intensive, 1 day workshop or a 6-12 month interval training system, group or team coaching, follow up coaching or a coach training program.

The competencies they need to have include the ability to:

  • Establish instant rapport
  • Gain professional trust
  • Understand the language, pressures and influences within the clients business world
  • Communicate around a variety of diverse topics and complex business issues
  • Be comfortable asking tough and direct questions
  • Challenge individuals on their leadership and communication styles
  • Discuss personal issues in an appropriate manner
  • Use appropriate business tools and resources
  • Communicate succinctly and at a pace that suits the client

"Executive coaches are not for the meek. They're for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common, it's that they are ruthlessly results-oriented." - Fast Company Magazine

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