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culture is your companies dnaThere is no denying that culture can be your company's greatest asset if the right qualities are nurtured and practiced daily. Companies with strong and effective corporate cultures are often characterized by high levels of employee engagement, productivity, company innovation, customer satisfaction, allegiance and having lower than average absenteeism and staff turnover, all driving profitability.

It could be said that in order to bring about long-term change, you have to be very clear about what you want (your vision) and then to ensure that everything you do supports the culture that you want to cultivate. You have to believe 100 percent in what you're doing, be serious about it and lead from the top.

A study based on interviews with coaching clients revealed a median Return on Investment of 700% from coaching (Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study, Executive Study 2009). Imagine the strength of your business results if your leadership teams were coaching their teams effectively and your organisation adopted a coaching culture!

At Barrett we believe in a holistic approach to creating a coaching culture.

Here are some the ways the Barrett Team can help you embed a coaching culture at your organisation:

  • Answer the question: "Why a coaching culture?"
  • Develop a viable coaching culture strategy tailored to your organisation, ensuring that:
    • Coaching culture outcomes are linked to business goals
    • Measures are in place to recognise and reward coaching culture behaviours.
  • Train and develop the senior leadership team in a coaching based leadership style and advise ways in which they can create the cultural change required.
  • Transition from your current state to your ideal state as a team and business
  • Create a plan to 'seed' the organisation with coaching talent now and in the future, be it an internal or external community

A viable, healthy coaching culture is an evolving state of harmony where the application of coaching is integrated into and forms part of the company culture.

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