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Barrett Coach the Coach Training for Leaders

barrett coach the coach or leaderThe Barrett Coach the Coach Training approach: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Coaching is globally recognised for its effectiveness and capacity to deliver results.   The world’s leading companies are increasingly investing in coaching and workplace coach training as a tool to develop their senior leaders and maintain an edge over their competitors.

Effective coaches have the potential to significantly increase personal leadership impact and the productivity and effectiveness of those they coach. By providing leaders with better awareness and new frameworks for growing and developing others, leaders can create greater results and leave a profound legacy in their organizations.

The Barrett Coach the Coach Training for Leaders (B-CTC.T4L) takes a strength based approach to improving coaching skills by focusing on what extraordinary coaches do well. Participants gain the critical coaching skills and tools they need to maximize their leadership effectiveness and coach others to perform at their peak. The outcome is more motivated, committed, and engaged employees.

The B-CTC.T4L is a two day face-to-face program, plus 6+ monthly one hour tele-conference mentoring/follow up sessions that support and help embed the training into everyday practice.   The program is delivered in a way that allows for immediate implementation and experimentation.

A study based on interviews with coaching clients revealed a median Return on Investment of 700% from coaching. Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study, Executive Study 2009

Imagine the strength of your business results if your leadership team were coaching their teams effectively?


Research has proven that the effectiveness of an organisation's leaders has a direct impact on employee relatedness, productivity and commitment, customer satisfaction and company innovation; all driving profitability. Coaching training within the workplace can make a significant impact by supporting highly effective leaders make a profound difference within an organisation. 

The Barrett Coach the Coach Training for Leaders is specifically designed to support lead teams within organisations. The program aims to provide leadership development that is engaging, insightful and interactive.  

The organisational and leadership benefits delivered as part of the Barrett Coaching Training program:

  • Supports the growth and success of others
  • Creates insight around how great leaders coach others to high performance
  • Expands the leaders toolbox helping them become an extraordinary coach professionally (and personally)
  • Educates around the various coaching models and techniques and when to use them i.e. GROW model, What Which Why framework
  • Provides insight around how to build trusting relationships that inspire commitment
  • Educates leaders on how to hold powerful coaching conversations that drive action
  • Helps instil and integrate coaching skills into daily life. Skills such as active listening and questioning effectively
  • Understanding around what motivates individuals within their teams
  • Provides skills on how to create breakthroughs and insights in individual or team behavior
  • Understanding the difference between what managers do as opposed to coaches
  • Insight into derailing behaviors
  • Techniques to providing constructive and engaging feedback
  • Heightened team engagement & collaborative approach
  • Guidance when applying suitable techniques for coaching in a number of workplace based scenarios (In-field coaching guide workbook)
Furthermore Barrett is one of a few leading companies globally who deliver coaching training specifically for sales leaders. The Barrett Coach the Coach Training for Sales Leaders includes additional and specific sales coaching content and processes:
  • What is sales coaching and why is it different to mainstream coaching
  • Mindset and motivating sales people - the profound impact that neuroscience has on success
  • Coaching around the Barrett Sales Essentials Transformation Program (B-SET.P); Sales Planning, Sales Prospecting, Sales Communcation
  • Coaching around sales call reluctance
  • A coaching guide to sales prospecting fitness
  • Expanding the sales leaders toolbox (Sales Coaching Kits) helping them become an extraordinary coach 
Client Feedback:

Our team worked closely with Barrett’s at a time when the market place in which we operate had become increasingly competitive, and as a result our sales team could no longer rely on our strong brand and passive referrals for new business.

Leading up to the program our entire sales team completed an assessment to gauge sales prospecting fitness, with the team provided with individualised reports during the program to illustrate suggested strengths and potential weaknesses highlighting areas for development.  This included a discussion on mindset around the sales process.

Our three day course was introduced to our Regional General Managers on the first day with some specialised coaching training so that we could follow up one-on-one with the sales team once the program was completed. To enable this we were armed with practical tools provided by Barrett’s to assist this coaching process, to ensure we could respond to the needs of each member of our sales team.

The program itself illustrated the changes that had taken place in the sales process over time, and provided information and action plans as to developing an increasingly successful sales environment within our organisation. We looked at the overall prospecting process including goal setting, lead generation and review.

Prior to our work with Barrett’s the sales team had accepted a huge challenge to talk to 1000 new prospects over a short timeframe, and initially we heard any number of barriers and excuses as to why this would not be possible, however with the practical lessons gained from Sue, our 25-strong sales team put into practice the learnings from the course, and with the confidence gained we successfully hit the target, with time to spare. Working with a limited timeframe the sales team were able to focus their energy on the prospecting process, and successfully generated a pipeline of enquiries to follow up over the following period.

This great result has provided a great deal of motivation for the sales team, and we are confidently looking forward to a productive prospecting future. Thanks Sue and the team at Barrett's for your support.

Regional General Manager - South Rural Finance


desired coaching outcome Coaching Conversation Model

This model helps understand the current reality, create new thinking and ultimately the desired outcomes.

Barrett offers training in 21st Century Sales Coaching Practices and ongoing coaching support to help you develop as a sales coach and embed your practices. Barrett's trainers and sales coaches are experts in sales and sales management with many years are real life experience in the sales field. They bring knowledge, insights and wisdom to help you be at your best.

Key Messages and Models of the 21st Centuary Sales & Executive Coaching Program


The 3 Optimal Performance Indicators Coaching Tools & Techniques The GROW Model The Difference Between Coaching & Other Roles Leadership & Field Coaching Guide
The 3 Optimal Performance Indicators: Knowledge Skills Mindset Being equipped with proven coaching tools and techniques giving the coach access to a range of approaches that facilitate the application and embedding of the learning and communication processes. A simple framework that enables the coach to structure the coaching conversation, breaks down issues into distinctive parts and assists in delivering a meaningful, practical result. Knowing the difference between coaching and other roles i.e. leadership, management, mentoring, counseling, consulting, etc. and how to be a coach when needed is key to improving performance. The Leadership & Sales Field Coaching Guide is specifically built to coach to learning models which gives the Coach & Coachee specific content to work with.  Furthermore a Sales Coaching Guide additionally includes The 5 Step Account Planning, 4 Step Prospecting, and 7 Step Client Communication Processes, and Sales Call Reluctance.


Driving Principle of Workshops Learning For Life Practical Tools Putting Theory Into Practice Group Coaching Support
Coaching is essential for sustained and improved people and business performance. Coaching is a more 'proactive' approach to developing people. There is a very significant connection between outstanding business contributors and their managers. By helping leaders and sales managers gain an understanding of a range of coaching tools that can enhance their coaching capabilities and lift performance of their people ensures the coaching models and processes are adopted as a way of life, not an event. This program is designed to help sales managers and leaders gain an understanding of a range of coaching tools that can enhance their coaching capabilities and lift performance of their people. The is not just about theoretical abstractions, its about real life and how to work with self and others. From the outset, participants begin using the coaching tools and techniques with each other for their own benefit. While learning about coaching, they are coaching and being coached. Participating in Group Coaching Sessions for leaders & sales managers post the training, ensures managers have the opportunity to revisit materials, reflect on their experiences, share stories, pick up tips and hints, learn from each other in an agenda free environment and make the programs become a way of life.

For further information see Sales Coaching Program Key Messages and Models (Sales Essential Models)

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