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Barrett understands how businesses work and and that our clients will have a myriad of priorities they need to address over the life cycle of their businesses. At any given time they will need access to specialists in a variety of fields.

Barrett knows what it does well so we don't try to be all things to all people. If we can't help you directly we usually know someone who can that is why we partner with tried and true businesses who know what they do well and together we can offer you the right support when you need it.

United by our shared values – Barrett's partners each bring their unique perspectives and skills to the table.
We don't recommend just anyone.

Our partners include:

Recruitment Services
PKC Management Services
PKC Management Services is an Executive Recruitment Service specialising in the SME recruitment (Small to Medium Enterprise) sector of Australian business organisations. With our office in Norwest, and clients throughout Australia, PKC has the commitment and experience to manage your specific business needs nationwide. Established 1991, PKC offers a professional executive recruitment service that is based on a strong depth of professional experience and skills from senior business professionals who have exemplary track records of running an SME themselves, not junior staff that have no concept of the challenges you face.

Kevin Robinson has been the Managing Director since 2002, has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering & Business Management, worked predominantly high profile industry leading multinationals, and has significant Business Unit Management experience with full P&L responsibility. Skills which are invaluable when working strategically with senior management teams, or during the executive selection process.

Mystery Shopping
Understand the Strengths and Weaknesses of your Sales Team:
Are they Maximising Opportunities to Gain New Business?

Micro Selling is a Mystery Shop provider and Market Researcher.

Micro Selling can assist you to understand if your sales consultants are maximising new business opportunities, implementing procedures you have in place and maintaining the standard of service you expect them to deliver.

Regular Mystery Shopping and analysis of sales consultants' behaviours keeps everyone focused on ensuring that your business has the best chance of gaining new business.

We promote the thought that their company believes in the value of their sales force and are prepared to expend funds aimed at improving their skills and providing the tools to assist them in their goal of attaining new business.

If you don't understand how your consultants are treating each person that enquires about your product and whether they are maximising every opportunity to sell then you are compromising the success of your business.

Online & Social Media, Webcasts, Video Production, Game development
Media Saints

Marketing & PR

deasil pr_logo_greenThe Theory Crew is a Public Relations and Marketing Communications agency working with Australian businesses to unlock ideas and unleash potential. Client sectors include Professional Services, Not for Profit, Sustainability and Environment, Science and Technology, Health and Wellness, Fashion and Lifestyle, Arts, Retail and Consumer. Theory Crew believes no idea is impossible, size doesn’t matter and every business deserves the best ideas, talent and innovation when it comes to communication. Theory Crew couples big ideas with a detailed approach so we don’t skip a beat and combines experience across all communications disciplines to give our clients a holistic service with results you can see. Visit

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A Semi-Government organisation
Our team worked closely with Barrett's at a time when the market place in which we operate had become increasingly competitive, and as a result our sales team could no longer rely on our strong brand and passive referrals for new business. Leading up to the program our entire sales team completed an assessment to gauge sales prospecting fitness, with the team provided with individualised reports during the program to illustrate suggested strengths and potential weaknesses highlighting areas for development. This included a discussion on mindset around the sales process.Our three day course was introduced to our Regional General Managers on the first day with some specialised coaching training so that we could follow up one-on-one with the sales team once the program was completed. To enable this we were armed with practical tools provided by Barrett's to assist this coaching process, to ensure we could respond to the needs of each member of our sales team. The program itself illustrated the changes that had taken place in the sales process over time, and provided information and action plans as to developing an increasingly successful sales environment within our organisation. We looked at the overall prospecting process including goal setting, lead generation and review.Prior to our work with Barrett's the sales team had accepted a huge challenge to talk to 1000 new prospects over a short timeframe, and initially we heard any number of barriers and excuses as to why this would not be possible, however with the practical lessons gained from Sue, our 25-strong sales team put into practice the learnings from the course, and with the confidence gained we successfully hit the target, with time to spare. Working with a limited timeframe the sales team were able to focus their energy on the prospecting process, and successfully generated a pipeline of enquiries to follow up over the following period.This great result has provided a great deal of motivation for the sales team, and we are confidently looking forward to a productive prospecting future. Thanks Sue and the team at Barrett's for your support.
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