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360 degree assessments are competency based and are designed to help managers and individuals determine where additional training should be focused. This approach identifies the competencies and related behaviours, required to perform effectively in a particular job or role.

The 360 degree assessments can provide information about an individual's performance in their current role from several points of view including self report, direct manager, general manager, peers, customers, direct reports, etc.

This type of 360° feedback allows for objective assessment of performance through the perceptions of self and others to identify strengths and blind spots, prioritise your development needs and develop action plans to address them.

Your co-operation and honesty in completing this questionnaire are vital to the outcomes of your project. We value your time and input immensely and greatly appreciate your willingness to participate with the utmost integrity and professionalism for the benefit of all employees.

Please select the 360° assessment that you have been requested to complete:
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