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It’s Not WHAT You Do But WHY & HOW You Do It

2012 sales trend report rank1

In December 2011 we published The 12 Sales Trends of 2012 and invited readers to vote on what they thought would be the most important trends in sales for this year. ‘It’s not WHAT you do but WHY & HOW you do it’ topped the rankings. It seems that having a Purpose, the WHY, which […]

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Athletes Chase Olympic Gold in UK and Business Success Back Home


It’s an Olympic year and many of our elite athletes are rightly focusing their efforts on the London 2012 Olympic Games. There are a certain number of gold medals on offer and everyone knows their worth in terms of the honour and glory and even more so in terms of ensuing publicity, product endorsements, speaking […]

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No Sales Leadership + No Accountability = No Sales Results

Leaders stick hands in sand

Companies spend billions each year on sales training, organisational development, leadership training and other efforts to ultimately boost sales results. Often this is a waste of money because nothing changes for the better. Too busy looking for a short term boost, magic bullet or quick fix, i.e. the 1-3 day motivational sales training event, many […]

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Celebrating ‘Clarity’ After 17 Years In Business


This year I am celebrating ‘Clarity’ as my cornerstone in business. I believe Clarity is the most important idea in any business. Vision, strategy, purpose, product, plans, people and all factors of successful business stem from clarity. It has taken me many (frustrating) years to clarify and define my true goals and intentions when I […]

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