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Let’s not assume

Empty Cups as in do not assume

There is an old saying “assume makes an ASS out of U and ME” and for good reason. Too often sales people find themselves jumping in too soon, offering premature solutions when it comes to dealing with a prospective client’s needs or priorities. Often they begin with the best of intentions by asking some preliminary […]

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Are you a Sales Pioneer?

‘Sales Pioneer’ was voted as the Number 7 Sales Trends for 2011. As the business world and selling become increasingly complicated, the Sales Pioneer is emerging to help us all map a pathway to the future. Unafraid to ask the hard questions, uncover new opportunities and challenge the precepts and ideas of their clients and […]

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Do you see me? Do you hear me? Does what I say matter to you?

After over 4300 shows in 25 years, Oprah’s final show aired recently where she mentioned that of more than 30,000 people she has interviewed, they all had one thing in common; the need to be validated. Oprah claims that the common three questions they needed answered were: ‘Do you see me? Do you hear me? […]

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How your procurement practices affect your sales and brand

Ethical selling and procurement (purchasing) is now in the spotlight. Harvey Norman’s recent publicity surrounding their supposed sourcing and use of Australian native old growth forest timbers in their Chinese made furniture has drawn light on retail procurement practices. Harvey Norman have been asked by activist groups NGO Markets for Change and to explain […]

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