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  • Sales Management Skills
  • Find & Develop Sales Talent
  • Sales Processes & Protocols
Powerful sales leaders are made, not born. Barrett’s powerful Sales Management Essentials programme provides sales leaders - at every level - with a comprehensive range of skills, functions and activities that every sales manager must have in his / her portfolio. In this dynamic programme sales leaders learn...
  • The 5 key skills used in every sales management interaction
  • How to structure a sales operation for optimal effectiveness
  • Identify "good selling" and employ the right salespeople
  • Develop effective Go-to-market plans
  • Define and introduce sales disciplines that ensure good governance
  • Develop budgets and forecasts for sales and manage sales processes and systems
  • Create remuneration programmes that support the sales drive
  • Coaching, developing and training for their teams
Hiring and keeping sales people who can sell is one of the toughest jobs for sales managers. Many people - sales managers, HR practitioners, recruiters - follow no logical process when recruiting, making sales selection a high risk activity. Barrett can help you derisk sales recruitment helping you make more informed decisions about to hire and how to keep them. You can get access to a range of ...
  • Sales profiling, selection tools and methodologies including behavioural interview guides and sales recruitment kits
  • High grade Sales Psychometric Assessment Tools to accurately assess sales recruits and current team members
  • Benchmarking methodologies to define and measure what GOOD sales talent needs to look like for your business
  • Sales Coaching Field Guides with specific sales content focusing on knowledge, skills and mindset
Selling is one of the most complex protocols in the value chain. Made more complicated by virtue of the fact that buyers are unpredictable, many sales organisations fall in to the trap of introducing systems, processes and protocols that hinder, rather than help sales performance. Working with Barrett sales leaders can...
  • Audit and then identify blockages to sales performance
  • Introduce governance that simultaneously protects the organisation and buyers, without burdening salespeople with onerous protocols, systems and processes
  • Streamline protocols that tract sales performance and provide early warning signals for under and over-performance
  • Develop a sales operation that is fit for purpose - ideally suited to the unique sales environment your organisation has

Leadership & Humility

'Central to effective leadership is trust, respect and openness; listen and learn from your staff, clients, mentors and coaches and adjust yourself on your journey to becoming a proficient effective leader; build a bridge and get over yourself – don't let your ego get in the way; follow through; don't assume anything; be available and responsive; it's important to remember that helping other helps you.'

Vision & Purpose

'Is your vision and purpose viable? Can it make money and be self sustaining? As leaders we need to create a compelling vision and purpose which is built on sound values that our people want embrace and manifest. To get traction we need a clear strategy with real resources to give our people a plan and tools to get started. Then we can train them up and get out of their way so they can make it happen and produce amazing results.'

The seminal work of Jim Collin's – Good to Great...Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't – showed that effective leaders are decisive NOT autocratic.

This and other research has consistently proven that leaders who have a compelling vision and purpose supported by a sound actionable strategy, are decisive and show initiative, have the ability to incorporate creative solutions and stay positive and constructive in their communication style not only has higher performing teams with better financial results, but teams where workers feel empowered and inspired.

In leadership it is important to keep your eyes on the ball – we are living in a world where the marketplace is forever changing shape. Change is always on the doorstep of any forward moving organisation and as leaders we have to be able to cope with the change in a seamless and fluent format that limits the stress levels for both ourselves and our team.

No man is great enough or wise enough for any of us to surrender our destiny to. The only way in which anyone can lead us is to restore to us the belief in our own guidance.
Henry Miller

At Barrett we believe that Leadership is about getting the best out of ourselves and our people. It's about creating an environment where we all want to be and do our best.

When you are ready Barrett is able to assist you and your organisation in achieving the change readiness state, where you can cope with the high demands of the global marketplace and still empower and inspire your team.

Please feel free to explore more about our offerings in this space: 

  • Sales Management Essentials Program
  • Becoming a Sales Leader Program
  • Training to be a Sales Coach 
  • Training to be a Coach 
  • Leadership & Management Training Programs 
  • Defining your leadership style 


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Val Dani, Group General Manager Dome Garden Supplies
We began working with Barrett midyear 2009.  Our Sales Team was in need of a makeover as our business had grown from Small Business to SME in a very short time. We desperately needed skilled, organized and proactive sales reps to sustain the growth and maintain our position in the market place.  For a period of 6 months, Sue Barett became our surrogate Sales Manager and held regular weekly sales meetings which involved coaching, mentoring and up-skilling the sales team to plan ahead and give them the confidence to get out on road where previously they were more in-house order takers rather than field reps.  The experience was both challenging and rewarding for the sales team and the process revealed the businesses' strengths and weaknesses which lead to the restructure of the entire business.  Barrett's approach is honest and encouraging and it's about seeking out real solutions.  There are no false promises or gimmicks on how to be the best but its rather a journey of self discovery supported with common sense sales strategies and plans that work and can be adapted by any sales rep and business.  One of the first things that Barrett warned us about was that not all sales reps will last the journey.  The process exposed some sales reps that didn't have what it takes and in time they exited the business which made way for more talented sales people.  Choosing Barrett was the one of the smartest business decisions we've made.  We still work closely with Barrett utilizing their services and tools such as the Psychometric Sales and Leadership testing which I highly recommend to recruit and retain the right people.  Sue is a rare and amazing coach, facilitator, mentor and business woman who inspires and challenges everyone she meets to be better sales reps, managers and people.
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