Partnering with clients to improve their Sales Operations
  • Design a Sales Strategy that delivers results

    Develop and deploy a focused Go-to-market Sales Strategy that directs your sales team to defined sales segments so as to gain a competitive advantage. A sales strategy gives your sales operation direction to sustain momentum and deliver real results in the field. Don't wait. Get started now. Read More
  • Easily Assess Salespeople's True Capabilities

    Asses and benchmark the strengths and gaps in your salespeople and recruitment candidates so that you can make more informed decisions about who to employ, train, coach, and retain. Read More
  • Sell better, at better margins - quality sales training for sales teams

    Salespeople need to keep on learning and applying what they learn consistently on a daily basis to stay competitive. Getting access to quality sales training in the classroom, in the field, and online is how to keep sales fit. Talk to us about our Sales Essentials, Solutions Selling, Key Account Management, and Online Sales Training options now. Read More
  • Stay informed about the latest in Sales

    You can stay well informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest in sales thinking, trends, and news. Subscribe to our weekly Sales Blog, or get our research whitepapers, e-books, articles in the media, or our Annual 12 Sales Trends Reports. Read More
  • At last - Sales Management Training

    Designed exclusively for sales managers, Barrett's Sales Management Essentials program gives managers the sales system, tools, and framework to lead a sales team. Topics include sales strategy, sales coaching, selection and performance management, financials, sales metrics, account mapping, etc. Read More
  • Online Sales Training -

    Would you like to enhance your sales capabilities at your own pace? Do you want to learn more about the sales profession and how to apply robust selling processes? Is keeping up to date with the latest selling philosophy, techniques and tool important to you? Would you benefit from getting an edge on your competition?
    Then, this is the program for you. Find out how Sales Essentials Online Training has the right solution for you.
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Jens Hartmann

"In the modern world the approach to selling has changed and our sales training has to change with it. Clients aren’t looking for salespeople who do business, they are  looking for business people who sell. Utilising the “BARRETT”© methodology, we provide programs and workshops that assist you in developing an empowered, high performance business sales team that consistently reach and exceed the goals and targets they have been set.

The fact is if you improve yourself then you improve your life and if you improve your people then you improve your business – that’s why we train. Whether you are talking life, sport or business the power to succeed is in your hands."
Jens Hartmann



"Skilful and purposeful coaching has the greatest impact on individual performance, self-confidence and mastery. When opportunity meets talent great things can happen. If you have a supportive relationship with an experienced coach then you will gain greater insight into yourself and your business. That insight will inspire you to maximize your performance both personally and professionally.
I aim to remove any interference that limits the expression of my clients' full potential. At Barrett, we push boundaries to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and insight within all relationships. We are motivated by seeing our clients successfully achieve their goals and we are passionate about supporting them to make that happen."
Sue Barrett

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rebecca accadia portrait

"The definition of Sales Talent is determined by an organisation's sales strategy.
So what type of sales talent does your business need to function at its best?
How do you identify the right sales talent?
How do you induct, train, coach and develop the right sales talent?
These are among the many questions that we help leaders and sales leaders answer.  We believe that Sales Excellence is in the details. We love discovering those details and helping you define and measure what GOOD sales talent needs to look like for your business"

Rebecca Varley


Unlike any other consulting practice, Barrett specialises only in sales. We have dedicated ourselves to perfecting services and providing solutions that enhance the performance of our clients' sales and service operations, whether that involves a single assessment of an individual's capabilities, the competency mapping sales roles or the entire realignment of the sales organisation.

In operation since January 1995, with over 100 years cumulative experience and having received commendations in several areas including being the only sales training organisation in Australia with programs recognised at university level (Swinburne University), Barrett partners with its clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales operations.

Working as a team we enable our clients to...

  1. Sell more, more effectively, at healthier margins and with less risk
  2. Help make more informed decisions regarding...
    1. Whom to employ
    2. Who to train and coach
    3. How to ensure a more effective sales force with better, sustainable bottom line results
  3. Assist our clients in their quest for world-class sales performance

The services Barrett provide focus on improving sales productivity and performance; on delivering better sales, at more attractive margins, on a sustainable basis. As a partner in our clients' success, we believe in ensuring that there is always a mutual exchange of value.


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Everybody lives by selling something

Barrett partners with its clients to improve their sales operations.

sue barrett

Working as a team we enable our clients to:

  • Sell more, more effectively, at healthier margins and with less risk of failure
  • Make more informed decisions regarding 
    • Whom to employ
    • Who to train and coach
    • How to ensure a more effective sales force with better, sustainable bottom line results

Barrett educates and enables our clients to lead and run highly effective sales operations and sales careers. Our full portfolio of services.

We believe in the 21st Century that selling is everybody's business and everybody lives by selling something and that the definitions of ‘selling’ and ‘something’ are now very different. ‘Something’ used to be nothing more than products and services. In the 21st Century products and services are no longer enough on their own. Organisations have to be engaged in ideas, opinions, knowledge, wisdom, insight, advice and talent.

‘Selling’ used to be nothing more than product monologues – features and benefits dished up to a captive audience. In the 21st Century product monologues are redundant. Organisations have to do more than just ‘do a deal’. They have to engage with their increasingly informed clients, proactively identify opportunities and have a meaningful dialogue around service, relationships and results.

If you want to succeed in the 21st Century then you have to change your thinking to change your world.

At Barrett we believe that there are very few absolutes and everything is subject to reinvention. We believe that the best way to persuade people is with your ears – by listening to them.  We believe that selling & service go hand in hand - if you do not engage in proactive consultative selling you are doing a disservice to your clients and your business.

To us ‘selling’ is about the fair exchange of value. We give everybody access to life skills, tools, knowledge and personal insights so that we are all able to communicate and proactively sell ourselves effectively, ethically and confidently in any situation.  With Brain Science and Research at our core, we work across five key domains with respect to Sales MasterySales Consulting, Sales StrategyAssessment, Sales Training  and Sales Coaching

We instil the belief that in a 21st Century world selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something.

Sue Barrett

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