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"You know for many years we did know not how to articulate or define what our core values. We couldn't get to the essence or heart of what we stood for. This sales force profiling process, besides giving us the structure and framework we needed for our sales teams, gave us our 6 core values and why we are who we are. What a pleasant surprise. Thank you " - CEO, major Media company

Understanding of their needs

A major media organisation with 500 sales people and managers selling across 4 sales channels wanted to profile the ideal sales styles across the business and build an end-to-end Recruitment Framework and Performance Framework.

There had been nothing in the past by way of structure and they wanted to improve the quality of recruits coming into the business and develop a more transparent performance management system. They had 18 different Sales and Sales Management roles across 4 channels and no way to plan for succession, training or recruitment. They wanted to:

profile ideal sales styles across the business
develop a Recruitment Framework: selection matrices including Assessments, Interview Questions, Guides
categorise of sales staff, especially around capability frameworks and remuneration structures
develop a Sales Performance Framework

Our Recommendation

Best practice job design involving sales competency profiling for all sales, sales management, general management and sales support roles. A Sales Recruitment Kit Framework was also customised to include a selection matrix encompassing behavioural interview questions, relevant Assessments, role plays, reference checking questions, and screening templates. The Performance Management Kit Framework was also integrated into the business. We worked with the management to ensure that the Frameworks were effective and internal ownership was adopted.

This project also involved conducting Job Analysis Questionnaires, Focus Groups and one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders.


Within 5 months, complete end-to-end Recruitment and Performance Management Frameworks were delivered and being used in the business.
The initial18 unstructured sales and sales management roles were developed and refined into a structured capability framework spanning 14 roles across 4 channels and 5 levels, complete with individual job descriptions and person specifications.
Capability framework allowed the business to manage and implement succession planning fairly and achieve more effective and consistent recruitment outcomes.
Delivered structured sales recruitment process and kits for all 14 roles including identified markets and industries where they could locate talent.
Able to bring in new talent from other industries to broaden capabilities of the business.
Structured, equitable, transparent Performance Management Framework based on behavioural measures, inputs, and outputs.

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