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Don’t die wondering, the real secret to sales success – Part I of II: the business

purposeful sales system

I know, I know, I know. How many times have we seen the ‘Secrets to Sales Success’ plastered over the internet only to be left disappointed? Usually, these ‘secrets’, once you look into them, either leave you feeling duped because of the unethical biases they take, or you are left with lots of little bits […]

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Rethinking our economy… How do we sell in a Circular Economy with Doughnut Economics?

achieving doughnut economics

Go out on a limb It’s hard not to notice that we all have quite a bit on our agendas; lots of things competing for our time and attention; too many things that are likely to leave us feeling overwhelmed, overloaded and often confused. People are asking lots of questions, e.g.:  Which way to turn? […]

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Why Sales is still the elephant in the room


Have you noticed that nearly everyone you meet from CEOs and leaders to professionals services firms, not-for-profits and universities, to the people in the street want to do anything but actually sell and talk about sales? Many of them will tell you that they want to grow their businesses, deliver better revenue and profits, drive […]

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HOPE is not a Sales Strategy


Whilst hope isn’t a sales strategy, without the right ingredients failure is certain The protocol for developing a sales strategy is fundamentally different to that used for other business strategies. Even the thinking that drives a sales strategy is somewhat different to that which drives marketing strategies. Here are a few guidelines: The golden rule […]

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Why we need Progressive Approximation to design an effective sales strategy


In the world of big data, the abundance of information, complex systems and the need to use good judgement to make sound decisions, many people, often overwhelmed by too many variables, default to single moments of truth, black and white solutions, and the promise of the ‘right’ answer in an attempt to solve the challenges […]

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What you need to drive your sales strategy


The frequently used business model of having sales under marketing, and therefore not having a separate sales strategy is no longer effective in today’s complex market place. Sales strategies developed by non-sales driven executives tend to be little more than tactical ways to support the marketing drive, brand equity, corporate philosophy and/or the value/volume targets. […]

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How to give every salesperson the best start to their sales career

This is how most salespeople are inducted into their sales careers: “Welcome to our team, Rebecca. It’s great to have you on board. Here is your list of ABC accounts and the products brochure which outlines all the products we sell. I also want you to meet our best salesperson, Ben. He is awesome. As […]

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2015 Sales Trends Event – How to sell better in a complex world

On Wednesday 6 May we hosted our 2015 Barrett 12 Sales Trends Annual Business Breakfast where many senior business and sales leaders came to hear about and discuss the theme for the event this year, ‘Transparency and the Middle Path’ – How to sell better in a complex world. It was great to see the […]

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Sales Trend 4 – Doing Meaningful Business


The Sales Trend # 4 of the 12 Sales Trends for 2015 is ‘Doing Meaningful Business’. Here’s a summary of the trend. Over the years companies have become very focused on only creating value for their shareholders (and by value we mean dividends). This extreme focus has meant that making a profit, too often took […]

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How to link your Business Strategy to Sales Strategy


For too long now sales has lived in the shadow of corporate and marketing strategies, but these tend to provide limited direction. They are usually too broad and generalised or too narrow, only focused on financial results. That makes them of little tangible value in the pragmatic world doing business. That being said Selling is […]

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