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Is Consumerism past its use-by-date?

Is Consumerism passed its use-by-date?

This is a very interesting, perplexing and vexing question which is now being discussed at all levels of society. This question is not only an economic and business question but, increasingly, a moral question challenging the very nature of how we make a living, how we make money and how we function as communities, economies […]

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Trust, financial institutions and the markets.

barrett_sales_trends_2019_Trend_2_Trust_ financial_institutions_and_the_markets

Sales Trend 2 of the Barrett 12 Sales Trends Report for 2019 touches on a very timely topic in Australia – trust and the financial sector. By guest author David Robertson, Head of Economic and Market Research, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. 2018 has not been a good year for the stock prices of Australian financial […]

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Sales Tips for everyday life situations


Whether we are a salesperson or not, there are times in our daily lives when knowing how to sell well turns often awkward situations into positive outcomes for everyone. We are social animals. We rely on others for our existence which means we need to engage with others in some way to be able to […]

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The rise of Ethical Selling in the new world order: The history of Sales Methodologies, revised & updated


Selling is a hot topic, especially the louder calls for more ethical, fairer, purpose driven business and selling practices. Given the recent findings from the Australian Banking Royal Commission and the emerging new world transparency highlighting various unethical, immoral and unsustainable business and sales practices across the collective value chain, the rise of an Ethical […]

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Sales Trend 1: Selling in times of social mistrust


Sales trend 1 from the Barrett 12 Sales Trends for 2019 tackles the issue of selling when trust in businesses and institutions is low. While there has never been a better time to be alive with access to wonderful resources and opportunities, amazing innovations, advances in technology and better healthcare, that can encourage the potential […]

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24 years in business and 24 Big Lessons to share


This week marks the 24th anniversary since I founded Barrett and, over the summer break, I had some time to reflect upon myself, my business’ journey and the many, many lessons learned over the last 24 years. We often get our ‘business lessons’ from big corporates about how to do this or that; however, I […]

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Ignore customer relationships at your peril: The demise of out-of-touch political parties


Even in the advent of big data, the nature of developing genuine customer relationships is generally not understood well enough by most businesses, and is not often on the agenda for thorough examination. This got me thinking about political parties and the nature of their relationships with their party members and the broader communities upon […]

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Using ‘Intelligent Practice’ to enhance Sales Mastery & Results

using-intelligent-practice- to-enhance-sales-mastery-and-results

In a time poor world, many people including sales leaders and salespeople often bemoan the fact that they cannot seem to make time for important things like continued professional development, coaching, and thorough planning thus leaving their evolution and sales results to chance. Rushing through the day, responding to ‘urgent’ matters and deadlines, getting in […]

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Some key guidelines for Negotiations in Sales


We are regularly asked by sales managers to provide negotiation skills training for their salespeople. However, after talking with them about their team’s situation and development priorities, it is quite clear, 90% of the time, that their people do not need negotiation skills training, what they really need is consultative solution selling skills training instead. […]

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The road less travelled – Selling Better


On 9 January, 1995 I took the road less travelled when I chose to start my business dedicated to Selling Better rather than follow the traditional path of Selling More, and that has made all the difference. As a business owner, entrepreneur, and pattern systems thinker amongst other things, it has been a fascinating and […]

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