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Why self-discipline and being organised pays

no discipline. no success. period.

Being organised makes good dollars and cents. To be on track with your sales quota you need to be organised, have a plan you stick to, and use a system for effective selling. It’s never too late to start, regardless of where you are on the road towards realising your sales targets. All it really […]

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Why online prospecting is often lazy and very annoying


This week’s article comes off the back of last week’s topic ‘ Getting prospects to talk to you’. It will take a different approach. I have documented the conversation John Smibert and I had in relation to online prospecting. Here it is. Enjoy. John: “…I was thinking that subject to the particular company, products and industry […]

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Getting prospects to talk to you


Do you take time to really think about why you are calling a prospect or a client?  Do you reflect on how effective you have been post the call? Making prospecting calls to new prospects and existing clients is still one of the most important sales and business development activities you can do on a […]

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2016 Sales Trend 11 – The Renaissance Sales Manager

Sales Trend 11 for our 12 Sales Trends Report for 2016 is The Renaissance Sales Manager. The logic follows that senior executives determine the Grand Strategy for the entire business, divisional executives determine what strategy they need for the segments they service so as to make the grand strategy work, and then sales managers need […]

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What is Social Selling? And does it work?


Social selling is not a new phenomenon as many might think. Social Selling has been around for many years in various forms and is the process of developing one-on-one relationships as part of the sales process. Today, this often takes place via digital social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; however, it can […]

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Why we need Progressive Approximation to design an effective sales strategy


In the world of big data, the abundance of information, complex systems and the need to use good judgement to make sound decisions, many people, often overwhelmed by too many variables, default to single moments of truth, black and white solutions, and the promise of the ‘right’ answer in an attempt to solve the challenges […]

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What you need to drive your sales strategy


The frequently used business model of having sales under marketing, and therefore not having a separate sales strategy is no longer effective in today’s complex market place. Sales strategies developed by non-sales driven executives tend to be little more than tactical ways to support the marketing drive, brand equity, corporate philosophy and/or the value/volume targets. […]

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How to give every salesperson the best start to their sales career

This is how most salespeople are inducted into their sales careers: “Welcome to our team, Rebecca. It’s great to have you on board. Here is your list of ABC accounts and the products brochure which outlines all the products we sell. I also want you to meet our best salesperson, Ben. He is awesome. As […]

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Sales Trend 9 – Marketing technology for better sales results

Guest co-author: David Hubbard CEO, Founder and Revenue Growth Expert for Marketing Outfield, New York, USA Sales Trend 9 from our  12 Sales Trends Report for 2016 is about using Marketing technology for better sales results. Sales and Marketing Technology – Which Trends Should You Pay Attention To? No wonder we are confused. The number […]

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