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Are customer surveys useless?

are customer surveys useless

There is no doubt that automation saves time and money. It improves efficiencies and very often eliminates human error. But what happens to companies when they try to automate all of their customer interactions in an attempt to cut costs and yet still give the appearance of caring? In other words, what bad business decision-making […]

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Sales Trend 1 – New Metrics


Sales Trend 1 from our 12 Sales Trends for 2017 report is about sales metrics. What do we measure now? When we talk about sales metrics we usually think units, volumes, quota, members signed, calls made. Generally speaking, these metrics would have been put in place in an organisation at the time that the sales […]

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12 Sales Trends for 2017 – Going from ordinary to extraordinary

Barrrett Sales Trends 2017

We are pleased to release our 8th annual 12 sales trends report. 2017 Sales Trends focuses on – Going from ordinary to extraordinary In times of major change, uncertainty and upheaval we have two choices: 1) bunker down, keeping our heads low, waiting for things to pass and settle down back to normal, or 2) […]

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How to reach prospects and keep the door open

So how do we reach  prospects and keep the door open? While everyone is trying to go big – go small and use innovation to capture share of mind. Imagine you are at home opening your mail and you find an unsolicited brochure about some product or other. What do you do? Chances are you […]

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Selling Professional Services

selling professional services

Even the once exclusive professions of accounting, medicine, law and engineering have come to realise that they can no longer survive on referrals and reputation alone; that marketing the firm, whilst it stimulates awareness and interest, is not enough to generate the levels of new business needed to cover the costs of running a professional […]

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How to avoid the discount trap


Do you frequently discount to win business? Does your brand seem to matter less to customers today? It’s no wonder. Customers can do a Google search of your product or service and, within minutes, learn about your product, your competitors, what customers think of you, and find the lowest prices. So, with this kind of […]

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Why self-discipline and being organised pays

no discipline. no success. period.

Being organised makes good dollars and cents. To be on track with your sales quota you need to be organised, have a plan you stick to, and use a system for effective selling. It’s never too late to start, regardless of where you are on the road towards realising your sales targets. All it really […]

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Why online prospecting is often lazy and very annoying


This week’s article comes off the back of last week’s topic ‘ Getting prospects to talk to you’. It will take a different approach. I have documented the conversation John Smibert and I had in relation to online prospecting. Here it is. Enjoy. John: “…I was thinking that subject to the particular company, products and industry […]

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Getting prospects to talk to you


Do you take time to really think about why you are calling a prospect or a client?  Do you reflect on how effective you have been post the call? Making prospecting calls to new prospects and existing clients is still one of the most important sales and business development activities you can do on a […]

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