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2017 Sales Trend 4 – Learn to Embrace and Manage Complexity


Sales Trend 4 from our 12 Sales Trends for 2017 report explains why to have extraordinary sales teams and operations, we have to embrace complexity. As John Lord[1] said “Perhaps a greater understanding of what I am saying might be obtained by exercising a greater willingness to think more deeply”.  Regrettably, most organisations ONLY view […]

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The Science of Persuasion

The Science Of Persuasion

Forget dictatorships, command and control style approaches, persuasion has a lot more going for it when it comes to better sales, better relationships, better team work, better business outcomes and long term change in actions and behaviour. The term persuasion is most commonly associated with sales people. And there’s a good reason for that. If […]

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Four tips to spot business opportunities.


How many people in your business are in contact with customers on a daily basis? How many of them would be presented with new business opportunities but wouldn’t know what they look like or what to do with them? Lately, we are hearing a common theme coming from CEOs, sales leaders, and partners at professional […]

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Sales Trend 3 – Mapping the Buying–Selling-Delivery Process


Sales Trend 3 from our 12 Sales Trends for 2017 report is Mapping the Buying-Selling-Delivery Process. If you want your sales team and your business to move from ordinary to extraordinary when it comes to client engagement and better sales results, it pays to do what the smart companies are doing and map your entire […]

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Sales Trend 2 – The Silent Majority


Sales Trend 2 from our 12 Sales Trends for 2017 report is about the new salesperson stereotype. The history of sales methodologies and sales people is full of twists and turns. With a few excellent –or at least well-intentioned– ways of selling and many others that are the complete opposite. There was a time when […]

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The difference between Sales and Marketing Segmentation


To segment or not to segment that is the question. For too long sales has allowed marketing to dictate what a segment should be. But the simple reality is that sales segmentation and marketing segmentation are substantially different. In fact, it is these very differences that make sales strategy so different from marketing and even […]

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Selling Better Case Study: How to do it properly


A Barrett Selling Better Case Study Here is a brief snap shot of the current results of a major Selling Better project we started with one of our clients in 2015: 60 salespeople plus managers in a mid-tier speciality banking and finance company, Australia. 130% of sales budget year to date Sales pipeline confirmed business […]

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HOPE is not a Sales Strategy


Whilst hope isn’t a sales strategy, without the right ingredients failure is certain The protocol for developing a sales strategy is fundamentally different to that used for other business strategies. Even the thinking that drives a sales strategy is somewhat different to that which drives marketing strategies. Here are a few guidelines: The golden rule […]

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If you complain about price being a barrier, wear a bicycle helmet

price barrier wear a helmet

Salespeople who complain about price as a barrier need to wear bicycle helmets. As a salesperson, the next time you feel you are losing deals because of price, take your prospect to a cycle shop and ask them if they were to ride a bike, which one of the helmets they would buy – the […]

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Solution versus Product Selling


Today it is almost impossible to meet a product salesperson in the business-to-business sector. Everyone sells ‘solutions’ hoping they can charge a premium or perform some miracle that will instantly differentiate them from their competitors. And management – often ignorant of the subtle differences between selling products or services and selling solutions – become frustrated […]

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