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Best Business Deal - Top sales tips to grow your business

Sales can be overwhelming for those who don't have a natural flair for it, but don't despair! Everyone can become good at sales. We all live by selling something and there are ways to improve how you go about it,

Consider the following sales tips and selling become less of a 'you vs them' approach.

We don't want a script - When someone is selling to you do you respond well to a forced, scripted and rehearsed monologue, or do you prefer an honest, informed and attentive dialogue? The answer is simple. We all like people to listen to our needs and wants and add valuable advice to a conversation. Turn your approach around to ask questions and respond accordingly and you'll find you quickly ditch the script and have more meaningful client relationships and sales results.

Ask the right questions - Most conversations are conducted by questions and answers. Your clients and customers may ask questions to which you respond but what questions are you asking? Design your questions to learn more about your client's current position, what they like and dislike and what they would like to do if given the opportunity to grow.

Find the time to prospect - Prospect, prospect and prospect. Do this every day and you will grow. Finding the time to prospect can often be more difficult than the prospecting itself. So make it easy and map out time to make it happen. Are you over servicing current clients? Are you doing activities that aren't urgent and could be put on hold? Once you find that your time could be better managed, perhaps look at when the act of prospecting is right for you and your business. Consider making prospecting calls first thing in the morning. This works on two levels, 1) you get it out of the way first thing in the day and, 2) it's often the best time to call people.

The sales plan - Every process needs a plan, and the same goes for the sales process. Your sales plan should include everything you need to know about your business and industry and the tactics and tasks you will perform to grow your business. Think strategically about your competitors, current issues facing your industry, your goals and objectives, budget, time, limitations and strengths. Your sales plan should be a guide to keep you on track and help organise your vision into actionable and result driven tasks.

At the end of the day, everyone is different. Stay true to yourself and communicate in an honest and genuine manner. Don't copy anyone else's sales technique. Instead develop your own and you and your business will benefit.

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