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Sales Trend 7 – Buyer Behaviours in Transition


Sales Trend 7 from the Barrett 12 Sales Trends for 2016 Report is ‘Buyer Behaviours in Transition’. For some time now we have seen many suppliers falling victim to the ‘race to the bottom’ mentality and tactics driven by various businesses and their procurement teams, especially from the oligopolies that exist here in Australia and […]

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Women in Sales & Sales Leadership Research – Calling on you to be part of this project


Calling on women and men in sales and sales leadership roles to be a part of our Women in Sales & Sales Leadership Research. Ten years ago Barrett undertook specific research into women in sales, which underpinned Sue Barrett’s ‘Sell Like A Woman’ concept. The initial 2006/07 research project aimed to understand the experiences of […]

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12 Sales Trends for 2016: Sales Trend 1 – Beyond Profit Erosion


Sales Trend 1 of Barrett 12 Sales Trends for 2016 is “Beyond Profit Erosion”. After decades of revenue and profit growth markets are no longer what they used to be. The current situation of profit erosion has been decades in the making with a combination of factors including: Low interest rates and the abundance of […]

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‘How we sell around here’ equals sales success

Folders with the label Regulations and Guidelines

Many years ago, and for many years, when salespeople were recruited into the sales team of a business they would be schooled in ‘how we sell around here’. New salespeople regardless of their experience would be introduced to the business’ sales plan, target markets and customer segments, the product range, the current sales processes, tools […]

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Lessons for Sales from ‘Good to Great’

Good - Better - Best

Jim Collins (author of “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t”) stimulates a thought that many sales managers should be asking themselves right now: “What makes good salespeople great?” At Barrett we work with sales managers and salespeople every day, and recently asked that question of a number of people in […]

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Buyer-Supplier Relationships: Finding Value beyond Price

educate your customers on value

A call to action – be a part of a ground breaking research project and tell us what you think about the current state of Buyer / Seller Relationships. (See our survey link below) We have previously written about the importance of healthy buyer-supplier relationships and how we are approaching a rather worrying state where […]

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How to avoid the ‘Race to the Bottom’ & mutual destruction


The recent news about Coles and Woolworths being taken to task by the ACCC for their questionable dealings with suppliers has highlighted a major problem plaguing customer-supplier relationships. Barrett’s first Sales Trend for 2015 is ‘Race to the Bottom’ because of the drastic impact this unsustainable pricing strategy is having on sales and buyer relationships. […]

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12 Sales Trends Reports for 2015 – Transparency and The Middle Path – The Summary


The theme for Barrett’s Sales Trends for 2015 is ‘Transparency and the Middle Path’. This theme stems from the idea of everything in moderation and a new openness whether by choice or not. Over the years, salespeople and organisations have often focused solely on a single idea, shifting from one to the other as strategies […]

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What we cannot control in sales


Last week we talked about what we can control and influence in sales, especially in uncertain times.  This week is looking at what we cannot control in sales and how to learn to live with it.  What (and who) we cannot control Let’s face it, we operate in a complex world where many things are […]

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How to keep your sales wheels turning


Maintaining momentum in a sales career requires a proactive, disciplined approach. There are many things to consider and put together to achieve an effective selling week and sales year. The onus is on us, the salesperson, to make the most of what we have. However, many sales people unfortunately adopt the approach that it is […]

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