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The difference between Cheap & Frugal Customers & how to deal with them


Today, many clients whether they are B2B (business) or B2C (consumer) are looking to save money. Why? Times are uncertain, markets and demographics are shifting, there is a wide variety of choice, and it’s much easier for buyers to make product comparisons and compare prices. It is said that we are currently under the influence […]

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Sales Trend 6 – The Sales Curator™


Sales Trend 6 from the Barrett 12 Sales Trends for 2016 Report is ‘The Sales Curator™’. A new sales capability is required in this information overloaded world. No longer are salespeople seen as the purveyors of information they once were in the 20th century, 21st century salespeople now need to be experts at sifting and […]

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Why everybody benefits from knowing how to prospect

Attract New Customers Business

Every business needs to prospect for new clients and customers, even non salespeople often need to reignite past business relationships and form new ones, internally or externally. You don’t need to be the primary salesperson or business development manager to be required to prospect well. Any call you make to another person whose attention you […]

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Does your sales force match what you are selling?


One size does not fit all when it comes to building the right type of sales force for what you are selling; yet many professionals treat selling as a homogeneous skill set, expecting salespeople to be able to sell anything. Or another fatal mistake is to assume that industry experience and knowledge alone is all […]

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Survival of the Adaptive P2: Develop a well-informed sales force


This series of ‘Survival of the Adaptive’ articles will look at the key things we need to do as sales teams to contend with the many changes afoot in our 21st century world and market place. Part 2 is all about developing a well-informed sales force A decade ago, when traditional product-pushing sales were all […]

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Making Persuasive Sales Presentations


How persuasive are you? Persuasiveness is the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty. One of the mistakes salespeople make when doing sales presentations is their tendency to be more informative than persuasive. That difference is costing companies millions of dollars a […]

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Sales Reporting – Why Bother?


Recently, I met a very impressive young Sales Manager. Let’s call him Sam. Sam knew his sales stuff. He knew what to look for when it came to accurate reporting of sales data. Nothing too complicated. He was conscious of focussing on the key measures and not overloading his sales team with too much reporting […]

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Sales Trend 5 – The New Accountability in Holistic (sales) Learning


Sales Trend 5 of our Sales Trends Report for 2015 is about the new accountability is holistic learning. Learning and Development (L&D) across the board, and especially in sales, has slowly but continuously been changing over the past few years. There are a variety of factors influencing this recent development. The ongoing challenge through these […]

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Getting your sales perspective in 2015

taking perspective

Perspective Taking is a critical life skill that can serve us well no matter what role we are in. Perspective Taking is also a vital sales skill if we want to develop viable relationships with clients, influence people to consider and buy our offerings, grow sales and lead successful sales careers. What is Perspective Taking?Perspective […]

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20 years of improving sales teams & operations. What’s changed?


The 9th January 2015 marks 20 years in business for Barrett Consulting Group. Twenty years of helping companies, sales leaders and their salespeople improve their sales operations and their sales capabilities. Twenty years of helping salespeople and buyers have better, more mutually rewarding experiences, setting a fairer exchange of value. As I moved toward this […]

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