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How to avoid the ‘Race to the Bottom’ & mutual destruction


The recent news about Coles and Woolworths being taken to task by the ACCC for their questionable dealings with suppliers has highlighted a major problem plaguing customer-supplier relationships. Barrett’s first Sales Trend for 2015 is ‘Race to the Bottom’ because of the drastic impact this unsustainable pricing strategy is having on sales and buyer relationships. […]

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Sales Trend 12 – The Enlightened Sales Person

Back view of business woman standing toward door. Career opportunity concept

As the year comes to a close so do we present the 12th and final Sales Trend for 2014. This sales trend is seeing a new kind of salesperson emerging in our midst. Not common by any stretch of the imagination, but appearing in businesses slowly but surely. Smart companies are becoming aware that they […]

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Does ‘Gratitude’ belong in B2B sales?


I have been thinking about how salespeople and others who are responsible for bringing in new business to their organisations feel when they get heartfelt thanks and feedback from their clients for a job well done. The sort of feedback that actually tells the salesperson that they really made a difference to that client’s situation, […]

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How Selling can be an act of Kindness


Since I started Barrett in January 1995, I have met thousands and thousands of salespeople and sales leaders and whilst I can tell you many stories about these encounters the one thing I can say is that the motivation driving the vast majority of these sales and service people, and sales leaders is the desire […]

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Sales Psychology – The Theory of Mind

When we interact and work with people (customers, colleagues, managers, friends, family, etc.) it is important to be able to interpret and understand where the other person is coming from – their perspective, especially if we want to continue interacting and working with them in a manner that is beneficial to both parties. Interpreting and […]

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Delivering “good service” isn’t enough!

Image of a waiter hand holding a tray on dark background

I was impressed by a brief, but excellent ABC News Video on the impact of social media on a business’ reputation and brand, especially when things go wrong and that to reduce or eliminate any negative publicity issues to begin with starts with something rather old fashioned – delivering Service. This got me musing about […]

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How do your clients really perceive you?

Perception text concept write on notebook with pen

Perception is reality. So what do your clients really think of you? Would you be happy with how they perceive you? Are they thinking any of the following when they think about you and your company?: ‘I’m so glad I’ve met you; my life/business is better off for knowing you.’or  ‘Oh that guy (gal), yeh […]

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Customer Satisfaction & Retention Booster


It is five to ten times easier to keep a customer we have than to get a new one – so taking customer satisfaction and retention seriously should be serious business. We already have the most powerful marketing tool to boost customer satisfaction and increase customer retention, as well as improve employee morale and develop […]

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Recognition or Praise?

Sales managers are being told to do more with less, to work smarter to get peak performance from their sales teams, despite increasingly limited resources. As tough as it is, there is one tool in the sales manager’s portfolio that is never in short supply – Praise! Yet for some reason, many sales managers find […]

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