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12 Sales Trends Reports for 2015 – Transparency and The Middle Path – The Summary


The theme for Barrett’s Sales Trends for 2015 is ‘Transparency and the Middle Path’. This theme stems from the idea of everything in moderation and a new openness whether by choice or not. Over the years, salespeople and organisations have often focused solely on a single idea, shifting from one to the other as strategies […]

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Sales Trend 8 – A Radical Shift in the Sales Mindset


This sales trend is all about the radical shift in the sales mindset that currently is underway in organisations as prophesised by The Cluetrain Manifesto 15 years ago. A slow burn, we acknowledge, but with consumers in such a powerful position, product no longer the centre piece of the sale, and value being more important […]

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Are you serious?


Today’s article is a bit of a rant I have to admit. I wrote the text below after one of those phone calls I receive, and as you may tell, I was a bit upset afterwards. Bear with me though, I’m sure you’ll see the point I’m trying to make. Have you ever considered how […]

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What does a successful sales team & culture look like?


Creating a viable, healthy, fit, and robust sales team and supporting culture takes effort, consistent effort. It doesn’t happen by chance. We have to be able to hold in our grasp –our thinking, our frame of reference– several aspects including purpose, strategy, performance standards, people, competition, change, technology, and of course, all of the variables […]

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12 Sales Trends for 2014 – The Thinking Sales Organisation


As 2013 comes to a close we firstly wanted to thank all our loyal readers for their continued support of our work. We also thought you would like to get a sneak peek of our Annual 12 Sales Trends Report for 2014. With the unprecedented changes we are experiencing as a result of the digital […]

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The History of Sales Methodologies


Have you ever wondered just how many sales methodologies are out there and which ones work and which ones don’t? Maybe you haven’t given much conscious thought to this subject but then again maybe you have.  Either way, if you are in sales or run a sales team or business and want to be more […]

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Why ‘Point Solutions’ ruin sales operations


What is a Point Solution? A point solution solves one particular problem without regard to related issues. Point solutions are usually called for when there is a need to fix a specific problem or fast-track the implementation of a new service. Unfortunately, point solutions often don’t deliver meaningful or sustainable results. The sales training/consulting industry […]

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Is your business Customer Focused & Customer Centric?


As with many things these days, words or expressions get bandied about with little regard for what they really mean.  For instance, when we ask people how they define ‘Prospecting’, the overwhelming response is ‘Cold Calling’. Prospecting is far more than cold calling: it can happen anywhere with new, existing or lapsed accounts – anywhere […]

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Does your sales team or culture need a detox?

Detox Sales Culture

It doesn’t take much to sow the seeds of discontent in business today, and the potential for creating dysfunctional, “toxic” sales teams and culture is much easier than you think. There are so many things that can and do go wrong. We at Barrett have met and worked with a great many sales teams across all sorts […]

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How many clients and sales are you losing out the back door?


Are you aware that it is six (6) times more expensive to acquire a new client than it is to retain an existing client? Keeping clients onboard and engaged with your business is just as important as your sales team finding new business sales with new and existing clients, however many businesses do not pay […]

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